Big Ben SOE

  • When l log into BigBen it is causing other things in different tabs to glitch out I play with discord playing music and multiple games on the go as soon as I log into or attempt to log in Big Ben strats interfacing/interfering with other running items like it sucks the air out of the computer it makes the music skip around other games start to lag and at times other RN games will just reboot Big Ben has got interference glitches going on I can play 6 to 8 games then Log In to BB and all games go squirrelly the real give away something is not right is it hic-ups the music and then it does it's loading process Something is not right could you look into this.I will shut down all other activity and run game solo but for it to differ so extremely from the other 8 or so means there is a bug glitch flaw or general meltdown within the game works.