Gold for desktop only???

  • Why is it that at you guys are offering reduced price gold packages to desktop users only? How's that fair?

    Hi, you must be talking about the Gold promotion on Fast Forward servers we had.

    This time, the offer was active only for those who logged in on FF servers during the promotion via browser (desktop version). The same account can be easily accessed both in browser and in mobile app, so players can make the purchase on browser and then continue with the app version as usual.

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    1. Hello, how can I transfer gold from one account to another, from Machine to Steam to Tempo Turbo, thanks.

    Hi :)

    Gold can be transferred to other servers of the same domain, e.g. DE->DE, RU->RU, COM->COM

    Go to settings -> Transfer Gold

    Game will tell how much Gold and Plus account you can transfer before accepting the removal of your avatar. Be sure to check it out as only purchased Gold will be transferred. All Plus account will be transferred.