New HTML5 buglist overview

  • Thank you, Loekie, for introducing the new ideas about the buglist organisation.

    Separating them into categories is much more what I call "overview" than what we had in the past.

    I fully agree to the idea.

    However, may I add some ideas?

    All planned categories are closely connected to program functions. However, there are and will be bugs, that do not fit into that list.

    Sometimes, the developers or the forum team will have to decide about the correct category. We are players, we are customers, we are NOT technicians, who can always be sure about which function definitely causes a problem/bug/delay/wrong data ...

    Well there should be at least one category for uncategorized stuff.

    1st suggestion: Add a category general/unknown for bug reports, your customer is not sure about the correct category

    More: sometimes we might discuss if a report is a suggestion, a question, or a real bug.

    Bad user experience for example is a bug in my perception, though the program works as intended

    (two examples: a) if any list shows just 5 lines in rectangles that are too big to be seen completely and to show all usefull buttons to scroll and jump ... the worst user experience is, that I have to scroll DOWN to find the button to GO TOP. b) mouse movements: several lists have buttons at top, and then you have to move all over the screen to finde the "OK" button .. user experience means to make mouse usage easy and not a marathon across the screens)

    Well, such reports might be "general" (1st suggestion) but I would (knowing that you would not call that a bug):

    2nd suggestion: category user experience

    Well, though most of the players are not technicians, some are. Some will use the developers functions of the browsers to find out what happens. For these people, it might be usefull tu have ...

    3rd suggestion: category backend problems/performance/loading problems

    Next one is care for handicapped players. Last year we had a very good discussion about colors, contrasts, transparency and their effects to color blind or color weak people. That changed many details to the better. But then the developers interested in that discussion became quiet and data slowly changed bask to light grey on lighter grey with too much transparency. The game returned to weak contrasts and lots of transparency. Which means: handicapped people cannot play this great game.

    4th suggestion: category visibility of information or accessability (for people with a disability)

    And one more: graphics and animations.

    if machines look great when they go west, but change to paper thin objects when going south or just south west, there's something wrong. We players cannot decide if if's a calculating problem (calculating thickness of the machine), or if the graphic artist made a mistake. But what we can tell: graphics don't look correct.

    Same with overlapping elements or - worse - with railcar distances behind their machines. That might be an error of the graphic artist, but might also be a bug made by the programmer who calculates the disstances from pictures length and train direction.

    5th suggestion: category graphic bugs

    Well, still not a complete list of categories, so I also suggest to keep it open and extendible.

    And please allow players to call annoying stuff a "bug", though the programm works as intended. Bugs not only appear on coding, but also on planning. And a bug made on planning a function creates a programm as planned, but a game not working as the players expect or would use.

    Frei nach Führungscoach Sandra von Oehsen. Zwei Fragen, die sich Unternehmen stellen sollten:

    Was können unsere Kunden von uns lernen?

    Und was können unsere Kunden von uns lernen, was sie gar nicht lernen sollen?

  • Second test with Opera GX - the special browser for gamine:

    - Message window does take ~ 1 minute to open (same as firefox)

    - messages are out of position (right hand side of the tmessage text windows are pulled too far right and not visible), same in firefox

    - each and every click does take a couple of seconds

  • Game is unplayable as it is just too slow. I will be quitting. I haven't got the time to wait for a window or message to slowly appear and for no information to reveal itself over the map as I hover the cursor over rail goods or cities. You will need to fix game speed pronto or you'll lose a lot of players.

  • Why does the game "frame" after the update ??

    It was supposed to be better, better, faster and it turned out as always!

    I guess we'll have to say goodbye if nothing changes!

    Please answer admins, supporters, programmers.

    This can't be played Ladies and Gentlemen!

  • Hello everyone and sorry to hear of these issues during HTML5 switch.

    First, please have a look here: HTML5: Browser recommendations

    For how to report bugs and the complete bug list:

    Short version: Best browsers are Chrome and Edge 80 (updated version).

    IE has most issues and Firefox also has some issues.

  • What a disappointment HTML5 is.

    The game is sluggish, difficult to load and visually not pleasing.

    Whose idea was it to make the text on the industry name so large? It obliterates half the map and the names run into each other, even on full zoom - which doesn't zoom in very far. And yes I know I can turn them off but I've always found them useful.

    And I am using the recommended browser - Chrome (don't tell me to try Edge, I am using a Mac). I did clear the cookies (not that I have ever know that to make any difference).

    I'll probably see out the two servers I'm playing but whether I carry on or not with the game remans to be seen.

    Hopefully improvements will be made.

  • The Browser Recommendations were useful for me. Horrible before that, workable thereafter. Overall though, the new html is a real piece of crap: slow, requires frequent reloading, many functions don't work properly (too numerous to list all but include: open train list of others; slow loading for most functions; slow scrolling; slow zoom-in zoom-out; asso widget much too big and type font much too small) plus just look at your own Bug List. It's a long list and they are just the reported ones.

  • Samisu you and I already had a discussion about the change over. And the game is utterly unplayable now. When it is taking over 5 minutes for the game to even load and still not be completely loaded, there is a major issue. I am using Chrome on a Mac. I even tried to get the game to load using Firefox and nothing. It gets hung up loading.

    If the intention is to get players to leave the game, this will accomplish it. The game loads halfway and stops. I timed it once and it sat there for over 5 minutes. That is totally unacceptable. As it is, RN is late laving flash but to switch over with such bad results, it is embarrassing. Either revert back and fix the issues, or give up.

  • Silly me, I just spent money to buy gold before the update.

    Today: leaving the game

    This is ridiculous. The players have been used to experiment on for way too long with bugs open for years and nothing fixed.

    Then you spring this unplayable, non-working pice of *** on to us?

    Do you even feed the Devs? Do you actually have any Devs under employment?

    Because if you do, they must be on permanent vacation. They have done nothing at all the past year except for causing new problems!

    This is just a downright horrible and inexcusable treatment of all RN players.

    As a gaming company, you just can't do what you just did!

  • the bug list is longer than the features list if this was released into a company it would be thrown out and the writers would be sued i think as we all pay for gold we should be given all gold mony back and a lot of free gold this is a total joke .. we have fixed some bugs??? really!!! where what for every one you fix you have added 20 more