A new lobby achievement: Community Hero

  • Dear players,

    We have just introduced a new achievement in the Lobby: Community Hero!

    Technically, it is four new achievements: This new achievement comes in bronze, silver, gold and platinum. But what are these achievements all about?

    Winning certain (not all) community events is the most direct way to get these achievements. Beyond that, these new achievement will be awarded to players who are simply fantastic members of this community or help the game in an outstanding way. That of course is a very general definition, but we wanted to make sure we stay flexible here and avoid situations where someone can’t get a reward - just because they aren't meeting some formal requirements.

    As mentioned above, there are four versions of this achievement.

    The bronze and silver achievements are what you will see most as rewards for winning somewhat bigger community events. The golden one is reserved for really big events or special challenges that might require a lot of effort, for example a very long time to complete a challenge (like playing an entire game round). And finally, platinum is for everything that goes beyond the other achievements, or is especially hard to do.

    Here are a few details:

    • Each of the 4 achievements has 10 ranks, so you can be awarded each achievement up to 10 times.
    • Career Points per Rank:

    ______🔸 Bronze: 50 CP

    ______🔸 Silver: 100 CP

    ______🔸 Gold: 200 CP

    ______🔸 Platinum: 500 CP

    • If a lot of players reach rank 10 in any of the achievements, we consider increasing the ranks or adding new achievements.
    • These achievements will generally not be assigned retroactively.
    • Apart from achievements for specific events, the Community Hero achievement is assigned subjectively. So while we try to keep it as fair as possible, slight discrepancies can not be excluded.

    How do you like the sound of these new Community Hero achievements? What sort of accomplishments do you see leading to Gold or even Platinum? 💬 Let's discuss the Community Hero achievements

    Your Rail Nation team