💬 Let's discuss the Community Hero achievements

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  • For example we are using this for the second round of Fast Forward to make it a bit more exciting for players who play for the win.

    There's nothing about buying your way to a server win that is anything to do with helping the Community or being a hero, other than of the wallet warrior kind.

    Please reconsider this one, this is not at all about what the spirit of Rail Nation is for most of us.

  • "Apart from achievements for specific events, the Community Hero achievement is assigned subjectively."

    Therein lies the problem with this system. Subjectability. RN already has awards for winning a server or event so this award becomes questionable if someone is able to win the award for meeting the criteria of a different medal. Then you have the popularity game or more to the point, the credit card game. If we are looking at popularity the more outspoken players will benefit leaving the more reserved players who grind along making the cities level up and not hunting down prestige with nothing to show for their work. If the award is simply given because a player has helped Travian Games by spending money then that wouldn't make sense for this award either.

    I would re-look at the criteria for the award and become more specific. I also recognize there are a lot of credit card players. Travian, and frankly everyone who plays needs credit card players. They should be rewarded as well. So why not create a Credit Card Rail-Master award? Base the level on how much money was spent on the game. If a player want's to hide their spending then have an "opt-out" button were they can forgo the Credit Card Rail-Master award.

  • The community is already quite full of alts. Im not a fan of popularity awards especially when there are so many CC warriors and alt players. Most awards you have to earn, even if the earning is easier by spending $ - fair enough. I understand that RN needs some new CE awards as many of us have maxed out a lot of them, but this aint it. One guy with alt would post an idea in the red side forum, then his alts would agree with him and then he would approach me and tell me he had consensus and momentum. . . Perfect canidate for voting himself this award!

  • You are correct, I have not maxed out the career engine yet, but if I add up my unfinished tasks, I will not need to use all of the career points. There have been lots of extras available like placings on Clash, the Winter Market etc. So my point was, if they are now introducing yet more achievements, then they need to introduce something to spend the career points on.

    CD, save those points for the upcoming era 7 unlock! ;)

  • You know, the community could come up with much better ideas then this. . . if you asked.

    Off the top of my head

    Connect to 20 cities in a game, 30 cities, 35, 40, 45. . . all 50 cities

    Win top city, top player and top corp in the same game.

    Be the chair of a top 10 corp for X eras

    Be the chair of the winning corp

    Im sure others can come up with even better ideas. . .

  • Ok, I have officially read every post in this thread. (Partially because the forum is now more entertaining than the HTML-5 version of the game.) There is a lot of resentfulness towards credit card players, partially justified and partially unjustified. I think RN can own this problem relatively easily. The simple fact of the matter is that money makes the world go round and we all enjoy this game or we wouldn't be playing it. (Even with the HTML-5 nightmare.) Without Credit Card players, and frankly people like myself who don't spend much on the game but still charge up the CC from time to time start a new server off with a plus account so that we can actually win some gold throughout the game, there simply wouldn't be a game to play. But the animosity can come to an end rather quickly with this simple fix.

    Host more no gold event games. Maybe one or two a month. Perhaps you have a one time charge as RN has done in the past but allow no gold to be purchased during the game. Force players to win based on skill. Create some new features for the career engine for folks like Count Duckula who have almost maxed out their CE and then assign a new set of awards for the monthly no-gold challenges.

    This compromise keeps your credit card players happy as they can still dominate their games while at the same time it keeps the non-credit card players happy as well. Everyone is a winner!

    Now, if only we can make HTML-5 become like New Coke, a distant memory that most have forgotten.

  • Having non-gold special events especially during the rest of the year & the Covid period would be an excellent idea Jalistair. It would enable players to have something to focus on & somewhere where the less well off could remain competitive. It would show the real best players in the game.

    I too respect people who spend in the game as there can be no game without them but if the developers could find some way to give something back to the players who have lost their video option in the form of perhaps two Masters type events without gold use above the basic - perhaps a bit like the old PTR where you had an initial small amount & then had to use it to most effect throughout the game - two events spaced out during the rest of the year - format could be debated.

    That would be a welcome gesture to keep players at a time when they may be disillusioned.

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  • On the community hero award it clearly should not be someone who wins a round - it should be someone who is nominated for their input into the game and the community forum here.

    It could be either

    Some players go out of their way to support new players & take them in to teach them the game.

    Others are major contributors to the conversation & debate on the forum & put hours into reading posts & responding

    I think that these are the sorts of things that should be rewarded - not winning!

    Get out of bed - celebrate waking, go to bed - survived another day:thumbsup:

  • So, I have been thinking about this Community rewards thingy, and, after a long hard thought, I have decided it is a rubbish idea.

    You currently get rewards for achieving definable goals, eg a top 10 finish, connecting to a winning city etc.

    'Community,' it means anything to anybody. If you want to create this new fixture, I would have it separate from the regular achievements, maybe have the rewards as special items of clothing for your avatar. If you are really community minded you can win a special hat or pair of glasses.

    So if people are really interested and really bothered about this, they can then wear their item of clothing with pride