Fast Forward – Round 2

  • Dear players,
    we are here for you. While the world out there is standing still, we want to continue to provide entertainment and diversion for these maybe boring times at home…completely contact-free.

    In the last weeks we received a lot of positive Feedback about our Fast Forward game worlds in 4x speed. Originally, we did not want to restart those right away. But because of your fantastic feedback and the current situation, we will start a second round of Fast Forward at the 11th of April; our #stayhome game worlds.

    For those among you who have not yet played Fast Forward, you now have the chance to experience this 4x speed event. If you are already participating in the first round, this could be your chance to optimize your tactic.

    Of course, we won’t let you start empty-handed. With the voucher code FAST-FORWARD-2 you can get a free package worth 10€ on every Fast Forward game world. The package contains:

    • 100 Gold
    • 10 days Plus Account
    • 1 x Bonus Engine Upgrade Voucher
    • 10 x Mechanic Vouchers
    • 10 x Boost Vouchers

    • Only valid on Fast Forward 2 game worlds
    • Valid until the 30th of April
    • Only usable once per account
    • Only browser and Android

    For those of you who like to play competitively, we have a special challenge this time: The TOP 10 player of each server of the second round of Fast Forward will receive the gold version of our brand new „Community Hero“ Achievement and the server winner will even receive the platinum version instead.

    Since the second round of Fast Forward was not planned and is a spontaneous reaction to the Corona pandemic, we sadly cannot activate pre-registration. We still hope the second round of Fast Forward will bring you joy in these unusual times.

    You can check the server starts here:

    See you on the game worlds,

    Your Rail Nation Team


    Why are some game worlds missing this time?

    That’s because some of game worlds had relatively few players. While those numbers are still okay, a second round usually has lower numbers and will lead to player numbers that can cause problems with the gameplay.

    Doesn’t another event slow down your work on HTML5?

    No. When we thought about how we can offer entertainment in the time of Corona without putting a burden on our developers, we specifically chose Fast Forward since repeating this event does not require any development or testing. That’s also the reason why Fast Forward 2 will still run on Flash. This way we don’t have to test another version of the mode right now and our developers can continue to focus on HTML5.

    What if the second round is even more popular and too many players register on the game worlds?

    All our game worlds have a limit of 10.000 registrations to prevent overcrowded cities and performance problems caused by this. Should too many players be interested in playing the second round of Fast Forward, another international game world is ready to be started on demand.

    My country or language is not among the announced game worlds. Does this mean I can not play Fast Forward?

    No. On the international game worlds all languages are available and allowed. While we recommend English for international communication, every other language is welcome too. Please respect that we have players from all over the world with completely different languages skills. Not everyone will speak your language or English. Please stay respectful, even if communication is a challenge. This is especially important, given the hard times many people go through right now.

  • Dear players,

    A change in the endgame on Fast Forward servers:


    Only currently available on the Fast Forward servers and on game worlds that start on or after April 20th, 2020

    The number of tonnes required in a megacity depends on the number of active players and is recalculated with each block.

    This basically means that a new multiplier is added to calculate the tonnes needed. The calculation based on the level of the megacity remains the same.

    The new multiplier is calculated as follows: (number of active players / 100) ^ 0.5

    That means: (old calculation) * (new multiplier) = required tonnes.

    This amount is recalculated after each block is completed. So, if more players joined the city during the first block or players became inactive, the amount of required tonnes would change accordingly.

    A player is considered active if they have been online within the last 3 days and has more than 20 prestige points.

    A sitter login counts as being online in the game.


    Your Rail Nation team

  • Hello everyone!

    We are aware of some issues redeeming the Bonus Code: Fast-Forward-2, and we are currently looking into a solution to these issues. We are sorry for any inconveniences caused.

    Good luck on the second round of the X4 Server!



    Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction. <3

  • Hello again everyone!

    You should now be able to redeem the code FAST-FORWARD-2. We are sorry for the delay!

    Enjoy the Easter Egg Hunt on the X 4 Servers!



    Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction. <3