💬 Let's discuss the Endgame changes

  • Hello everyone,

    First of all, we are sorry for not telling you about the endgame changes earlier. Changelog for HTML5 mentions this:

    'Endgame: The number of tonnes required in a megacity depends on the number of active players and is recalculated with each block (only for new rounds starting on or after 20th of April 2020).'

    The changelog did not mention that this change was already implemented on the Fast Forward servers, and for this we need to apologize.

    What the change means in theory, please visit > the changelog < to learn more.

    Those of you who already had a chance to experience the endgame changes, please share your feedback in this thread. We would love to hear your thoughts and if you would change something based on your experience?

    Your Rail Nation team

  • So, at first sight, I believe that this will only implement more possibilities of blocking, or impediment, by parts of the associations that compete in different cities... Just connect to the "opposing" city and not transport anything there... will only make the E.G. much longer...

  • That's right. We encountered a much higher quota than expected, and much higher than we could ever deliver. Apart from never knowing about the change, we were stuck right away due to the simple fact that we were located fairly centrally on the map and that half the players had already planned to move to a different city for the end game. # of active connections (200 in our case) had nothing to with how many actual players (haulers) are active in the city (about 50 in our case). Many players connect just for passenger train connections, competitions, a few daily prestige farm trains, achievement career points, medals or other reasons other than actual hauling.

    In the end, instead of encountering a quota equal to a level 37 end game city, we encountered a quota equalling a level 46 city (+40%)! So instead of having a chance to close about 3 sets (36 goods) we were completely stuck on the first set already. This left us in an impossible situation and our end game was over before it even started.

    In summary, the 'number of active player connections' has nothing to do with the strength or hauling capacity of the city and therefore you can not base an important end game quota on this, as they have 0 relation to each other. As mentioned above, it is easily open to competitive tricks like merely connecting to a competitor city and it gives an unfair advantage to cities on the outside of the map. Above all, it only helps the larger cities again, as the effect of the quota multiplier is more easily overcome by the larger amount of actual hauling players. The end game may take longer yes, which allows the bottom 5 mega cities to also haul a bit longer, but they wil actually close less goods in that time because they are hit much harder by the multiplier than larger cities (they have much less actual hauling players in that city).

    I would really only count a player as being active if they hauled a certain minimum amount of goods to that city during the day.

    Or count them as a player in the city to which they delivered the most of their goods. This is the only way to do it.

    Anything else using 'active player connections' will be counting and using the wrong numbers. It's as simple as that.

    I do like the adjusted / more balanced prestige amounts awarded to each player for delivering finished goods.

    If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much!

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  • First of all, I want to thank you for opening the topic.

    Second. I want to thank you for making a balance of prestige in teams. Before, it was shockingly unfair.

    About the final.

    In my observations. The changes made do not affect the result of the game.

    They just make the finish longer. With all the positives and negatives of it.

    This makes the EG a little fairer. Why?

    Before these changes, the finale ended in 8-9 hours! Before the last cities started participating!

    The longer finale allows more players to participate.

    And that's good.

    But the finish is boring.

    In my opinion, this must be something great.

    It has to be the most interesting part of the game!!!

    A great and fun ending for all players.

    For me personally, this is the most boring part. It was and continues to be.

    I've made some recommendations before. (Final/EG - Needs to be improved?)

    In my opinion, the final game needs to be completely changed.

    To be the most exciting and memorable part of the game for everyone!!!

    The good thing is that you started with the changes.

    Keep going and make the EG great again 8o


    1) An active player must be a player for whom this is his hometown.

    2) And which has at least 10,000 prestige.

  • the "balancing" is now even more unbalacing. Especially smaller servers. The biggest cities start connecting to all smaller endgame cities and for them the endgame will become even more difficul as it is now.

    The balancing should be done by a real amount of tons hauled to the city and not active connected players, same with the prestige. If you haul a defined percentage less than the biggest amount brought in, no prestige will be awarded. This should be valid for players who doesn't have the city set as homecity.

    Or players with a different hometown shoudn't be counted as active connected players and don't influence the amount needed and consumption.

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  • Realizo este post en castellano y su traducción con el Google traductor esperando que se entienda


    I make this post in Spanish and its translation with the Google translator waiting for it to be understood


    He leído todos los cambios que implementaron y me parece genial, para lograr hacer que el juego no sea aburrido.

    El juego se torna aburrido cuando no hay competitividad

    Pero el gran problema como dijo una persona que posteo es la FINAL, tan esperada después de 12 semanas en los clásicos y 6 en los Express.

    algunas ideas para solucionar es en mi opinión:

    considerar a jugadores activos aquellos conectados a la ciudad en la ronda final pero que tengan residencia en la ciudad(figura en el perfil del jugador) eso valido para transporte de materias. y quede bloqueado para transportar a otra ciudad, así evitaría la trampa de figurar en la ciudad rival y transportar en la propia

    Para pasajeros, se consideraría a todos los conectados tengan o no residencia.


    I have read all the changes they implemented and I think it is great, to make the game not boring.

    The game becomes boring when there is no competitiveness

    But the big problem as a person who posted said is the FINAL, long awaited after 12 weeks in the classics and 6 in the Express.

    Some ideas to solve is in my opinion:

    consider active players to be those connected to the city in the final round but who have residence in the city (it appears in the player's profile) that is valid for transportation of materials. and is blocked to transport to another city, thus avoiding the trap of appearing in the rival city and transporting in the own

    For passengers, all those connected would be considered to have a residence or not.

  • I do not think that this has a positive impact on the game. It does not address the real issues. It has, without a doubt, slowed the progress of the end-game, but, in my opinion, that is all.

    My city has "gained" over 30% more players since the start but has only the same number of haulers. So, I have to ask, where did the extra players come from and more importantly where are they? They have slowed our progress and not added a single ton to our deliveries.

    There is a more obvious way to fix the imbalance problem, but, perhaps a bit radical. My suggestion, calculate the consumption not on the number of active connected players but the number of active Home City players and DO NOT award any prestige to players from other cities. This would also curb many, but not all, of the spoilers. In other words, to gain prestige, during the end game, in "Tunbridge Town" you have to have "Tunbridge Town" set as your home city. It is not too difficult a programming query to develop. IF (city = Home City) THEN (ADD prestige) ELSE (ADD 0). Could do that with first generation languages!

    Sorry, I do realise that this changes the game somewhat for players who like to gain extra prestige by hauling a tiny bite to every end game city. These players, are normally very careful not to spoil factories.

    In my opinion, something must be done to make the end-game more interesting and more competitive. This has to retain the element of co-operation and alliances which are so vital to the game, but monopolies need to be "contained" in the same way that governments "contain" monopolies in RL. Governments do this because, put very simply, competition keeps prices down, standards up and encourages development and innovation. There is one server I am aware of which has two "supermarkets" one about twice the size of the other and a lot of "corner shops". Inevitably the "corner shops" are quickly crushed and the element of competition is crushed with.

    It might also be a good idea to consider (in addition) leagues with appropriate prizes for the winning city in each category Something along the lines of:- Bronze = 1 or 2 associations, silver = 3 or 4 associations, Gold = 5 or more. Obviously in addition to the current 10 city competition.

  • I was told endgame was exciting, fun - but I'm disappointed at my first endgame (only played 1 ptr 2x before) It goes awful slow for a 4x, it's hard to fill the requested goods, especially at night times it seems to be more or less impossible. Smaller cities seems to have big problems to do it at all, day or night.

    I thought it was many players on this server (Rapid Rail4x) but a closer look revealed that it's heavily affected by bots? Not 5400 players, 600 - 700 seems to be a more fair amount.

    You need 20 prestige to be acknowledged as an active player, I think that amount is too low. As a newbie I don't know if a higher prestige would make any difference in endgame but I think the preferences should be changed. Higher prestige, more activity in the megacity as in delivered goods. I haven't grepped how connections affect this yet. I need more rounds :D

    Btw.. trying to figure out how to move my gold to next server. It's not so clear.. Rapid Rails is not to be restarted but I have to wait until it does and then transfer my gold from there??? Or does a finished world count has TG have closed it? Sorry it is not possible to copy the text that confuses me...

  • Btw.. trying to figure out how to move my gold to next server. It's not so clear.. Rapid Rails is not to be restarted but I have to wait until it does and then transfer my gold from there??? Or does a finished world count has TG have closed it? Sorry it is not possible to copy the text that confuses me...

    You hjust have to wait a few days after the server ist gone and Rail Nation did a few things. Then the gold can be collected on any other COM-server.

  • Safiren to transfer your gold to a next server you should play and open your next game when it started .. Then if you do not want to play that game click opitions (top right ) and choose transfer gold . You can do this only a new game is started and you will be a member the new game.But as we do not know which game the next of rapid rail x4 , it is better to ask support dept which there is a link on the top of the game page (question mark) open a ticket and support desk will reply to you .

    If a server isn't restarted you don't need to do that yourself. Rail Nation will do it in the week after the server ended.

  • Hello.

    In my opinion, the fact that the final part of the game has become longer is more positive than negative. It was strange when 1,5-3 monthly rounds end in 12-14 hours.

    But the new formula for counting active players did not make the final part of the game more honest.

    First, the formula itself with the use of sqrt implies more favorable conditions for more people in the city.
    Secondly, taking into account the number of connected active people is fundamentally wrong. This creates too many problems for small cities, and gives large cities the opportunity to crush the number of connections of any rival city to the second block of products, if this was not done before. Example of the final round. There are 360 connected players in one city and 630 in the second. Both cities are level 42. Warehouses of the final turned out to be 370 and 489, respectively. That is, a city with a population of 175% received warehouses only 32% more. And of these 370 players in the first city, only about 100 people played the final part at best. At the same time, 200+ people were observed in the second city in the worst case scenario. What balance can we talk about here? By the opening of the second batch, the number of connected users reached the 400+ mark and then only grew, since any competitors must be cut off at any opportunity)

    The point Is that in this case, if the formula was taken to link to the native city - it would be much more honest. But here, too, there is a drawback. It is possible that strong associations will simply go to a city with low population and easily win the final, while losing only the achievement for the victory of their hometown...

    But in any case, thank you for trying to change something. This is already a step in the right direction! It remains only to bring to mind the formula for calculating warehouses.

  • You need 20 prestige to be acknowledged as an active player, I think that amount is too low.

    It is not only too low, it is derisory. It is also an invitation to cheat in a very big way. I am absolutely certain that it is in use in my city. I hesitate to explain in case it gives more people nefarious ideas. I would never do it myself, but there are many "players" in the game who take pleasure in underhand activity.

  • If a server isn't restarted you don't need to do that yourself. Rail Nation will do it in the week after the server ended.

    But if I don't want to wait a week before starting on a new server I have to buy more gold for the start package?? In travian legends I get a link to transfer my gold in the same moment the server is finished.

  • At the same time, 200+ people were observed in the second city in the worst case scenario.

    No, there was about 120 people next day. It leads to 40-50% consumption in 1 tick. But in start there was about 150-200 people and it lead to 70% consumption, what was painful. In propotion we can talk about 0,3-0,25 of connected players in both cities. And it was partialy fair.

  • (old calculation) * (new multiplier) = required tonnes.

    how is the old calculation ??? could you inform me

    City level / (tonnes/good)

    47 - 232,500 t/G

    46 - 225,000 t/G

    45 - 217,500 t/G

    44 - 210,000 t/G

    43 - 202,500 t/G

    42 - 195,000 t/G

    41 - 187,500 t/G

    40 - 180,000 t/G

    39 - 174,000 t/G

    38 - 168,000 t/G

    37 - 162,000 t/G

    36 - 156,000 t/G

    35 - 150,000 t/G

    34 - 144,000 t/G

    33 - 138,000 t/G

    32 - 132,000 t/G

    31 - 127,500 t/G

    30 - 123,000 t/G

    29 - 118,500 t/G

    28 - 114,000 t/G

    27 - 109,500 t/G

    26 - 105,000 t/G

    25 - 100,500 t/G

    24 - 96,000 t/G

    23 - 91,500 t/G

    22 - 87,000 t/G

    21 - 82,500 t/G



    Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction. <3

  • Setting such a low prestige threshold for an "active" player is downright worrisome. It's easy to get the first bit of prestige, regardless of when you start the round. Also, it's been proven in city competition after city competition and in Endgame after Endgame, the number of players actively hauling (or who would be if they were awake and online) is NOT necessarily the same as the number of connected players who have logged in within the past 72 hours.

    I like a combination of suggestion by Hear Me Roar and Rhoswen, with an added tweak of my own.

    What is "active" for Endgame purposes?

    An "active" player should be one who has logged into the server within the past 24 hours (12h for x2) leading up to Endgame. Once EG starts, I'd reduce it to 12 hours (6h for x2) for future figures, but maybe that's just me.

    Who should be factored in a Megacity's numbers?

    Residents (home city) with at least 10,000 prestige (suggested by Hear Me Roar). It's not hard to get that much prestige if you've played a few eras, and if you haven't played a few eras then you won't be helpful enough to be considered in the requirements. The home city requirement prevents counting players who connected on their way to somewhere else, for pax runs, etc. It also prevents players connecting in during EG to purposefully drive up the numbers; new connections wouldn't be counted since they can't change home city.

    What about prestige from hauling to a Megacity other than your home?

    If NO prestige was offered (per Rhoswen's idea), you'd discourage sabotage even further. It'd still happen some, I'm sure, but it would undoubtedly be lessened. Keep the 5k bonus for being connected to the winning city. If all hauls to Megacities must generate prestige, then maybe decrease hauls to a Megacity that isn't your home city (give 1/2 or 1/4 value) -- that would allow those who weren't connected to a Megacity pre-EG to earn some of the prestige, also, while still discouraging active sabotage.

    Final thoughts...

    As it stands now, this change not only hurts cities with easy-to-reach locations that tend to attract more traffic, it also makes sabotage even easier than it already was. This isn't something that makes the game better, or more enjoyable, regardless of how it might affect the time it takes to complete the Endgame or seemingly "balance" it all for cities that don't have a larger group working together. This feels like a step in the wrong direction, but it's one that could still be framed into something that works better for us all.