The game is Too Slow

  • I have tried to do my normal maintenance after returning from work - it has taken me 50mins to do what I normally do in about 8mins.

    The game is ridiculously slow - I haven't even bothered to collect on my other server.

    All of the enjoyment has gone from the game.

    I have played lots and lots of servers and buy gold to play.

    If this is not fixed, then I will sadly have to leave the game.

    I have had a huge amount of fun from this game over many years, but at this speed it is no longer viable to spend so much extra time on it to do the same things.

    I will check the speed tomorrow after work - hopefully you have managed a fix , but if not thank you for the fun and I wish you well with your remaining customers.

    Kind regards,

    Pudsey - John Dawson

  • Hi there.

    We are so sorry for the sluggish gameplay you are experiencing during this HTML5 switch. Our team is working hard and dedicating their time to make the switch smoother, fix bugs and give everyone a better game experience. Moving from Flash to HTML had to happen, and now we will do everything we can to let you continue and enjoy the game.

    Here's a link to HTML5 announcements, including our suggestions for browser, list of found bugs and list of fixed bugs - also a guide how to report bugs if you wish to help us make this switch faster.

    HTML5 - Announcements

  • I have the same problem as Pudsey - John Dawson.

    and unless they solve the problem I will leave the game after 4 years.

    they had to change, yes, but in games that go in the middle of the 6th era, the time that people have had until now and that goes all the way to the hole.

    not to mention the time when games are the only thing that transports us of the forced isolation.

    chrome, or opera, doesn’t work not pass the first loading screen.

    on another computer chrome loads but comes to end and says the webgl is blocked, when not.

    firefox is the only one that lets you in, but what we did in ten minutes now takes an hour.

  • How much stuff does RN HTML-5 version cache, and how much *can* it cache?

    It's possible with most browsers to increase the cache size for HTML, which ought to lower network load and traffic and make the game perform better. In the case of a game like RN most of it could be saved locally, in principle - all the graphical stuff for sure. Does the game do that, given enough cache space?

  • I agree, not only Firefox is slow but also Microsoft Edge and others more. I tried to change but it is still slow. I can't really play like this, it requires me too much time and patience. Next time, I suggest to do it at the beginning of a server, not in the middle. Thanks

  • Hi guys,

    I don't understand why you want to change of game ? Flash was/is not usable anymore (mainly for security issues). The devs could not have continue on this way, knowing that their game would quickly be obsolete.

    This is a big change for them, not just for us, and they work hard to make everything work. But they also need time and.. they need us to report bugs and unconfortable game moments that we experience.

    Yes it's frustating because we have to adapt ourselves for a little time, and it's gonna take some time before the game gets better and stable. But it won't take eternity.

    So let's be nice with the devs and the moderators, guys !


    Le Corboy

    « Si un aveugle conduit un autre aveugle, ils tomberont tous les deux dans un trou. »
    Mathieu XV, 14

  • I use Chrome and also here it is very slow.

    Although i see a difference between a new server (era1) and a longer running server (era6).

    The era 6 server is so slow i cant even zoom in or out without having to wait.

    The era 1 server runs reasonable and looks better to play.

  • With this transition you messed up nicely and more than a half of players end up playing this game as I have been playing it for years and at least maybe last time I try to finish the other two epochs and then the end. :(

    I see it very badly with this game and I expect a small number of players and then cancellation. :(

  • it was better to play for 10 years ago, even it was slow some time for 10 years ago too, but much better in now, any time there come new opdate to the game it slow it down, now when you move the map it slow when you make schedule it take longer time to make in before , and have core i7 and all computer op to date

  • Our team is putting all their energy and time to fixing bugs and making this switch from Flash easier, and finally give you a nice experience with HTML5. I know this asks for a lot of patience, but we will get there and we will keep working hard.

    Our HTML5: Browser recommendations

    And How to report an HTML5 bug?

    are good threads to start.