A new modulation for the game.

  • Greetings

    This contribution is limited to a variation of the game dynamics, which can be applied to any scenario but for new versions.

    Such new versions of the game could be called: "Classic Associations", "USA Associations", "SoE Associations" and etc.

    It probably only works for 1x and 2x speed versions.

    It is only a matter of introducing a couple of changes: Employees, that is, Positions and the way to earn PPs for Associations.

    I. Positions:

    Employees are the people who make everything work. Each player hires them freely. Some will be hired for the player and others for the association.

    The salaries of the employees of each position (salaries that vary depending on the Position and that the RN-Team will decide), are automatically paid twice per Era, in the middle and at the end of each Era.

    At any time the player can fire one or more employees to reduce expenses.

    1.1 Motormen (machine operator):
    Every train will require a certain number of motormen. The number of employees may depend on the train or the Era, so that less and less are required to run the train, but they will increasingly charge more. No train will run without hiring a Machinist at least. New trains may use old Machinists, but their salary will be updated to that of the train.

    1.2 Workers:

    The Workers will be those who build the roads. Once a road is built, all members can use it forever. This position is hired for the association, that is, each player decides how many Workers he wants to hire, but once he hires them, they will be employed by the Association. The cost of each new route depends proportionally on the number of members, but not on the number of routes built. The construction time of each new route will be inversely proportional to the number of members of the Association. This means that for small associations, the cost is minimal, but it will take a long time to build the new route. Similarly, the cost skyrockets for associations with many members, but the roads will be built much more quickly.

    Worker's effect on the Construction of Routes: As the same routes are for all members, the majority (50% ... 60%?) of members must contribute on each new route to build. Only active players at the time of starting construction must contribute. Anyone can start the construction by contributing his "cash" percentage. Then, when each player logs in, he will contribute his own route quota in order to continue. Eg if the route costs $ 1,000,000 and there are 10 players, 5 players must contribute $ 200,000 each to build the new route. Each player who contributes will receive a prestige equivalent to the number of routes built, if it is route No. 15 they build, each player who contributes will receive 15 PPs. If 5 players are needed, but they contribute more than 5, the construction time is decreased, but still, everyone will receive the same 15 PPs.

    1.3 Mechanics: It is not required to delete the current item "Mechanic" but it is complemented by a permanent charge. By hiring Mechanics, maintenance will not be immediate, but the train must be "parked" in the Train Depot for repair. The cost of maintenance will depend on the type of train. And the time will be inversely proportional to the number of Mechanics: The more mechanics are hired, the faster each train will be repaired. The Museum could be used for maintenance, but it is not as consistent and realistic as doing it in the Depot. Even better, a new Building could be created: "Hangar" or 'Workshop' which will only serve for Maintenance. When taking out the 100% repaired Train, no time will be expected (as it happens in the Museum). That is, this charge eliminates the option to Magically Repair Trains.

    1.4 Staff chief:

    In order to receive a new member of the Association, this position in charge of the employees, will charge the Membership to each new member. The cost of the right to belong to the Association is proportional to the amount of investment made by the former members of the association that directly benefit the group: Routes, investments in industries, donations to Headquarters, etc.

    The more former members have invested, the more each future member must pay. Obviously, the amount is very low and can be deferred (optional) in "installments" (5 to 10?) That are automatically discounted to the new member every new game day, obviously with interest.

    1.5 Professionals:

    Optionally, each of the 3 Bonus buildings (Restaurant, Shopping Center and Hotel) may house a Professional. The role of the professional is twofold: Decrease the cost of level improvement of the respective building, as well as increase (x2 ... x3?) The probability of obtaining a specific prize (of each player's choice) after watching a video of each Association members building.

    1.6 Auxiliaries: Various offices will require Auxiliaries. Auxiliaries can only be hired / fired on the 1st day of each Era.

    1.6.1 Museum Assistant: Hiring 1 Auxiliary halves the waiting time to reactivate 1 train. If you want to reactivate 7 trains in half the time, you should hire 7 Auxiliaries.

    1.6.2. Auxiliary of Central Station: The cost of the passage (if Passengers are included) or the Ton of ONE product (which can be changed when desired), will be increased by 1% per Auxiliary hired. Maximum 25 Auxiliaries may be hired for the Central Station. That is, when hiring 12 C.S. Auxiliaries the value received for the delivery of the chosen product / ticket is increased by 12%.

    1.6.3. Banking Assistant: The Bank will allow a single assistant, who will work 8 hours a day (working hours defined by each player). During that time, a player-defined percentage (30 to 90%?) Of all their money accumulated in the Bank will be "invested" by the Bank; of course such amount will not be available to the player until the Auxiliary finishes his turn (8h). Such "investment" will generate an unpredictable, but always positive and variable return, which will be defined by RN-Team, but which should depend at least on the % invested. The amount chosen for the bank investment does not temporarily release the Bank's balance, you simply cannot use it until the end of the shift.

    1.6.4. HeadQuarter Auxiliaries: Each member may contract with Gold (10 for 24h?) an Auxiliary so that the cost of membership decreases by 3%. Thus, if the 24 members of an Association contribute to 24 Venue Assistants, the cost of membership of member # 25 will be reduced by 72%. If they are not hired, the cost of membership goes up a lot and it will be more difficult for applicants to join the Association.

    II. Prestige:

    - The PPs for investments in industries will also be delivered to the Association and not only to the players who invested in that level of industry.

    - Final bonus for each player directly proportional to: 1) The time in days that he has belonged to the Association and 2) The Association PPs obtained at the end of the game.

    - Building routes will give direct prestige to the Association.

    As this approach strengthens the Association, the prestige that each player receives for the joint work must be increased substantially, so, at the end of the Round, the more PPs the Association has, the more Bonuses each player will win.

    I hope all this proposal can be used or at least can be considered the mayority of it .

    Thanks for reading.


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