HTML5: Login problems

  • Dear players,

    Do you have trouble logging in? The Loading bar is stuck at 50% for example?

    TIP: Avoid switching browser tabs while the game is loading.

    Download a HAR file

    Please follow these steps when stuck, if you wish to help us out. These steps are very easy to do, promise!

    1. Press F12 on your keyboard in the screen where you are stuck, and you should see a 'Network' tab selected. Option - F12 on Mac.
    2. Right-click on any of the files listed on the left under 'Name' - and Save all as HAR content

    You can close the Network window by tapping F12 again.

    Send the HAR file to us

    Now we have the file saved. The file size can be quite big, so here's what we are going to do:

    1. Go to a site called
    2. Drag and drop the .har file you just saved on top of the screen and Get a link

    And that's it.

    Now you can copy-paste the link with your comment in the HTML5 bug section, or you can send the link as a private message to Johanna_BF (tap the speech bubbles icon to start a conversation).

    You can also attach the link to your message when you contact game support for the first time: Support : Rail Nation. Please remember the link with HAR file is useful to us only if you are unable to login.

    Thank you very much for your help and continued support.

    Kind regards,

    Your Rail Nation team