Only one person can watch videos through the widget

  • Can't find this on the Bug List, so posting here.

    Normally on Flash Player, multiple people can watch the same Videos and it was posted this was an intended feature.

    Now if 1 person watches the Video, it disappears out of the widget for the other 25 members. This means very few members are getting any Videos. This affects all Servers on HTML-5, and is the same across multiple Browsers.


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  • Hey Emziie,

    it was always meant to be so that only one person could watch the video. There was a bug in flash from time to time that bypassed this. (:

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    Do you mean you can still watch videos that were already watched or you can't?

    If you can watch all of them still that is working as intended and not a bug.

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    Mollymauk - it was stated here that it was intended for this, and not a bug on this Forum post. Since the widget was introduced, all Players could watch the videos and this wasn't from time to time.

    Association widget video issue

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  • its nice to know that the money i spend on this game as a player is no longer valued

    i will finish my current round and then i will no longer be playing

    i have played rail nation for 5 years and you have always been able to watch videos at the same time as other people and this improved when the widget was introduced as you no longer had to be on the train station

    congratulations on losing yourself players, gold purchases and ad revenue

    its nice to see that you care about the players that have a smaller wallet than those that can buy themselves tickets directly

  • But why not? Don't you want us watching as many videos as possible; I'd think that that would make economic sense for you as a company? I disagree with the above statement that it was a previous bug that occurred from time to time; it was constant. If I wanted to watch a video someone had only just begun watching, I could. Always. Please reinstate the previous situation where I am able to watch a video alongside a colleague in my corporation who is also watching it.

    (Please prioritise fixing bugs around the competition widget where I have large swathes of black appearing and competitions are not in time order and the bug I was promised would be fixed next update around my message alerts not appearing. No, I've not reported the first one, I'm busy in RL and this is a low priority.)

  • Hi

    I am glad that you have said that you will look at this issue again Johanna_BF.

    This is a game & the benefits of watching the videos needs to be fairly available to every player if they take the time to access them.

    It is totally unfair & skews the game beyond acceptable if it is possible for just one player to access the videos & the attendant benefits.

    The previous situation was that anyone who refreshed the widget after the "clicks" had been done could have access to all those just collected. It did require you to be there when they were collected but it did allow a fair crack of the whip for multiple players.

    This functionality must be restored or you will lose players in large numbers. It will also make the game unwinnable for the majority - not something Travian as a group would want to encourage I am sure.

    I hope this can be sorted very soon.

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  • Yeah. I noticed this also. About the video bonuses, It seems very unfair. If this is the new system, i strongly recommend, that it should be put back as it was.

    We have enough changes / bugs to contend with, and don't need more than is needed.

  • No you should not be able to watch the video if someone else watched it already (:

    It is logical to assume that the video can not be watched.

    However, you have automatically updated the video bonus widget to disappear. So you might have to at least refine the functionality then for the automatic appearance of the bonus?

    As far as I remember, a pause of 30 seconds was introduced to reduce the load on the servers. - Now, the association widget is precisely creating additional server load - and this causes a "slow response" to the rest of the game features.

    And the operation of the widget according to the old algorithm - will definitely positively affect the server performance.

  • I had no idea that this was a "bug" and RN had planned to "fix" it.

    I've never seen it reported anywhere as a bug. Strange too that this "bug" is fixed while many others get left on the shelf.

    Sharing the videos was fun and a good way to get some teamwork going in the association, which is at the heart of the RN game for most of us. Everyone who refreshed their widgets got a fair chance to watch the movies and gain some rewards.

    If only one person can watch the movies, it will be the same person who gets to watch them all the time and others won't even get a look in, which is unfair and will make everyone unhappy.

  • Yeah, if this doesn't return to where it was, where I am able to watch a decent number of videos every day, then I'll be walking too. I rely on the cash, wagon vouchers, Research points etc to be competitive on servers, and I am certainly not going to substitute scratching tickets for watching videos.

  • This is yet another issue that is reducing fairness for all and game enjoyment for me too - on top of an already slower responding server (cripplelingly slow in things like page redraws and updates - it seems like someone has added a 'fade in' with every page update - why?) we now have facilities taken away that we've come to expect and appreciate.

    Not happy I'm afraid - so it's 'Nil point' from me until this is retored :(

  • I’m getting more and more frustrated with this game. You are adding changes that make no sense to me, why on earth would you take away ad revenue and gold spend from videos that literally pays for your game and your job whilst not fixing the bugs that damage the gameplay of a game. As an example, you get penalised for watching videos whilst having a gold feature worker as all the timers freeze entirely. So not only are you now penalised for spending gold through videos, you have stopped us watching them entirely. It is not just the lottery tickets, it’s the money, the research points and the waggon vouchers all of these are the reason that you have an ad revenue from multiple players.

    We all have waited for you guys to FINALLY start fixing all the bugs in the game that at times make it unplayable. The fact that bugs were only going to be fixed when HTML went live I find disrespectful to all of the players that have stuck by Rail Nation throughout your server issues, your bugs and your lack or promptness at fixing those bugs.

    Have you as developers tried to play and compete on a server in an association of 25 where only 1 can watch a video? I’m guessing not, which explains why you make these kind of changes.

    If taking the videos away from all players in an association apart from 1 player, when it has always been that all players can watch the videos, is your approach to keep your loyal players then I wish you good luck because you are going to need it.

  • I can just imagine the Marketing Dept's phone calls to prospective corporate clients now...
    RN: Hello, if you advertise with us we can guarantee you at least 1000 views of your advert every day!" :)
    Company: "Really? Well we have advertised with you before and we were guarnateed at least 100,000 views per day. What has changed? Are you ripping us off?" :(
    RN: "No, we just changed the game rules to be stingy to players..!" :)
    Company: " We don't care about players - just adverts for our company. We'll go elsewhere so we can get more value for our money, thanks... !"
    RN: :(

    Only a fool would consider the loss of revenue just to annoy its already-playing and paying customers. lol
    Message to RN: If I were you I would consider sacking whomever came up with this silly idea. (Or was it really unintentional and someone is trying to 'pretend' it was intentional?)

  • Don't you want us watching as many videos as possible; I'd think that that would make economic sense for you as a company?

    Not really, no. It's not as simple as "As many views as possible". If that would be the case, we would just let a million bots watch those videos all day long.
    These videos are advertisement and the goal for the advertiser is of course that people buy their products or services. They don't profit if one player just watches their video 500 times. So of course the advertiser do not just track views, but also basically track the "value" of views. Someone who who watches 1000 videos per day is obviously not someone who pays a lot of attention to every spots or maybe even follows a link.

    That's why it doesn't really make economic sense to just chase numbers...or at least not the particular number of views.
    And that is also why a conversation like A Thicko imagined it above would never happen. No advertiser who knows his business is just interested in views.
    The RN video system is kind of old fashioned, since it's basically optimized to encourage a lot of views. We will have to move away from that over time, it's not useful for anybody. It's not useful for Bright Future, because mere views do not lead to revenue. It's not useful for advertisers, because when they advertise their product, the ideal viewer they have in mind is definitely not someone who just spam-watches videos all day long. And it's not useful for players, because who truly enjoys watching the hundreds of repeated ads per day every day?
    So on the long run, we need to change this anyway; for everyones benefit (except maybe for those who use bots to watch videos).

    All that being said, reducing the amount of watched videos was of course not the intention of fixing this bug. We fixed this bug because it caused a problem with assigning rewards for videos. It might be unpleasant if you want to watch a video and can't, but it's even more annoying if you watch a video and don't get the reward you were hoping for. That's what this fix is aiming for.

    I hope this provides a bit of context why this fix happened and why we are not chasing views. If you are interested, we can discuss this whole topic of "Monetization with videos" more detailed. I don't want to bore anyone here (although, personally, I find it super interesting) and go too much offtopic, but if people are interested, we can certainly discuss it in different thread or maybe even Discord or somehting like that. Just let me know or send me a PM.