Only one person can watch videos through the widget

  • But the 2nd Video isn't fixed - so it hasn't fixed it?

    Is it not worthwhile for you to have 10 Players buying Lottery Tickets as opposed to 1 Player buying Lottery Ticket?

    My Video ranking is quite high over Rail Nation. I DO purchase products from the Videos if its something I purchase, and I have NEVER used a bot to watch a video.

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  • But the 2nd Video isn't fixed - so it hasn't fixed it?

    Not entirely, no. Right now, the button is still clickable while somebody else already clicked on it but the video hasn't loaded yet. So if a second player clicks on the button in this small timeframe, he will still be able to watch the video but will not be able to watch a second one.
    With the second part of the fix, the button will already be non-clickable when the video screen opens for the other player, even if the video is still loading. This should remove those remaining cases where the problem still occurs.

    I have NEVER used a bot to watch a video.

    I would be surprised if you did. Almost nobody does. But we had a few cases in the past that got dealt with accordingly and as long as watching videos 24 hour per day is possible/rewarded, there will be others to try.

  • I would just like to chip in that whilst watching lots of videos is not to everyone's taste, it has been a means whereby players who do not have a lot of gold can compete with those that do. It has been an equalising factor in the game which I thought had been designed as such & one I had previously applauded Travian for including.

    It is so hard to design a game that truly offers equal opportunities to everyone & it is therefore a real shame that it would appear that this option is now being lost (and indeed to learn that it was a feature that was considered a fault).

    I do hope that it can be considered again - we clearly want everyone to enjoy the game & to provide opportunities to be inclusive for as many players as possible, affluent or otherwise.

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  • I would just like to chip in that whilst watching lots of videos is not to everyone's taste, it has been a means whereby players who do not have a lot of gold can compete with those that do.

    Yes, I am aware. I am one of those players, I am a very strict "I never spend money" player myself (although the Primus last year broke my will).
    And personally, I would like to keep that factor in the game. I totally agree that it's good if non-payers have a way to compete and, if talented enough (unlike me), manage to get a good rank.
    I just don't think that watching 500 videos per day is the best way to achieve that goal. There has to be a better way.
    I don't have the magical solution right now and whatever we come up with will probably be a compromise. And I would very much prefer this "we" to also be you. I can only repeat my invitation for everyone who is interested to discuss the problem, the goals and hopefully the solution in detail with me.

  • Well I'm so glad to hear that you have dealt with bot users as I'm sure you would deal with multiple alts. (coughs)

    The way in which were able to share the movies so anyone who wished to watch them could (almost always) be sure of being able to do so is something we all find a useful feature in Rail Nation as it helps balance out the game so everyone has a chance to do well.

    I'm not sure what minor bug was fixed concerning the rewards given from the movies, but as I haven't noticed it, or thought it particularly material, then I suspect most haven't. Why not just change the movies back to how they were.

    Regarding a possible new system to replace the movies/videos, perhaps it might be best to have some form of consultation with some of your loyal players and not just surprise us with something "new" that no one likes.

  • Regarding a possible new system to replace the movies/videos, perhaps it might be best to have some form of consultation with some of your loyal players and not just surprise us with something "new" that no one likes.

    That's precisely what I'm asking for here.
    And just to be clear: It would probably not replace videos. Just the way they are used.

  • It is great to hear that consideration is being made to finding a new way to balance things out for the non-paying colleagues. I know some of the players in my associations who have managed such dedication to doing videos that they have indeed won rounds with minimal gold spends.

    I love playing this game & I just want to see it continue in a format that provides opportunities for everyone - if the videos are to go then we need to implement an alternative strategy for the non-payers as soon as possible or we risk losing them. I have to say I am struggling a little on the ideas front though so any innovations that others can suggest that might fit the bill would be great. I have always been really impressed by the clever ideas people have suggested - they leave me feeling mildly inferior on the thinking front :)

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  • Consideration of new things, a discussion involving the views of players... is not a solution in the short term.

    Let's be clear about what this means for the current crop of servers and any that restart over the next few months: Videos for a 25 member corp will be cut to as little as 4% of the previous availability to resolve a problem that was not a problem. The second video issue has happened to me a handful of times in the past few months, but ever since the widget's introduction I had experienced no difficulties with 2nd videos until very recently, and I watch quite a lot of them. Now it is a problem because the fix as it currently stands causes the second video to be unavailable something like 20% of the time.

    The impact is that players who did watch videos and relied on them for wagon vouchers, cheap lottery tickets, research points and a good source of cash to assist them in their growth either will not have this opportunity or will have to scratch lottery tickets. Yes, it is the same for all, but a very small group of players will be in a position to buy the server by spending vast sums that are beyond the means of almost all other players, so in effect very good low budget players are going to be priced out of the game. There may be some short term revenue benefit, but in the longrun this is going to degenerate into a few very big spenders beating up on cannon fodder who stay one round or 2. How is this going to affect they playability of the game when that happens? And we all know playability is so very important after the English speaking community were denied a second 4x server on the basis that they might not populate it. Not returning the videos to the 99% may please the 1% in the shortrun, but the servers may all have to close when they become so sparsely populated as to be unplayable. Many people spending small amounts will in the long run will far outweigh the megaspending of a few who will quickly get bored with their toy and find somewhere else to play. How many meals can a rich man eat in a day?

  • Salix

    I suggest you organize some new mini games (similar to Winter Market) and a lot more competitions ...

    to compensate for the lack of video ...

    But it may be harder for you ..:/

    So...I suggest you open a new permanent JOY market (similar to Winter Market)

  • This whole discussion came up in the Winter Market Event. I can't find the exact link right now but I will search for it.

    The discussion originated because an entire corp (25 players) were able to watch the videos if they waited for the bonus clicks and then refreshed, and then all watch them simultaneously. 25 players x 25 winter market bonus videos = 625 videos for the corp with extra winter goodies.

    Some found this to be cheating. Others didn't know about it and loved it. Some corps tried it and it worked beautifully, creating a better coordination and teamwork and atmosphere, benefiting the entire corp and it allowed corps to play the entire Winter Event as a team instead of individually!

    But my point is, the reason and explanation that was given by Tech Support or the Devs, was that this was NOT a bug but intentional when the widget was introduced. They wanted to make it more useful and they stated that this was an additional intentional feature, to support more usage of the widget by providing a bonus to the players who used the widget to watch videos.

    I will have to find the link, but the end, this was the explanation for the ability for multiple players to watch the same video simultaneously.

    RN can not state this as an explanation, then later change their story and say it's just a bug that was never intended, because they can't seem to get it to work correctly with html5. Laziness and telling fibs should not be rewarded or tolerated by the players, and it won't! :)

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  • Just sayn’n : am really disappointed that you have implemented something in the game to fix what you are describing as a bug, but all of us believe to be a feature and were never told any different.

    Please change it back to the way it was previously whether this was intended to be a bug or not, that all Players could watch the Video if the widget was refreshed when the ‘clicks’ were collected and we can all continue the rounds we have Played for all this time, as we normally would.

    Thank You

  • Monetizing is a funny word made up in Silicon Valley, an euphemism that actually means "raise the price of a product". It would be good, if that increase would be invested in improving the game. God knows there is a lot to improve, for instance you could make it more reliable, remove the trillions of existing bugs, smoothen the transitions and animations, make the UI more intuitive, create a nicer artwork, and many many more.

    But we don't believe that you will do that because during the last years almost nothing has been done but minor functions and bug fixing. And the HTML5 porting, which has been forced by industry, not by yourselves, due to the endline of flash support in major browsers.

    So considering that major issues have been ignored over years, when you show up here announcing a caprice idea about solving an alleged old minor bug (not registered anywere, oh surprise) and in the process you remove a functionality that most users love, well, don't expect the community to be happy, even if you try to convince us with nice and funny words.

  • For those of you who mentioned that the second video not working was not a big issue in the last few months: That's because this is a HTML5 issue. In Flash, the widget was basically not able to check if a video was already watched for quite a long timeframe (or until reloading it). In HTML5, the widget is up to date much much quicker, leading to this new problem.

    So you are right, it was not a issue in the last months and years. It is an issue of the last days and weeks (depending on the server). So the fix was necessary. And even without the fix, the amount of useful videos available would be the same as they are now, since they would be viewable, but not be rewarded. So just removing that bugfix again would not do the trick.

    I know that some team members have called the fact that multiple players can watch the same video a bug. While technically correct (since there is a bug entry from 2017 for this ), we basically accepted this bug as something that does not need to be fixed. The team member who called it a bug on the forum was not aware of this. We already talked yesterday and cleared up this misunderstanding. My apologies for the unclear communication about this.

    So for clarification: the fix we applied WAS a bugfix, but it was not intended to fix the multiple views of one video, but rather the resulting bug of not being rewarded for watching a video if someone has already watched it.
    I will continue to talk to the team to check what we can do about this unwanted side effect.

  • Why not give a bonus to a player who has started watching a video?

    The (widget) refresh was not fast enough once a player could start watching it ...

    so ... if he started watching ... give him a bonus ..;)

  • Well my personal suggestion is that the mechanism preventing the multiple views of the same video on HTML should be disabled for the present period of time so allowing that functionality to be restored until such a time as RN comes up with a replacement mechanism to allow non-payers to compete on the game. The beauty of the old system was that it did not allow easy competition without payment - non-payers had to work very hard to achieve parity & clearly in a game where money is made from gold spend this was an understandable arrangement as you cannot understandably give away something for nothing & continue to survive to provide the game for us to play.

    So I was really pleased to see that you recognised the need for this functionality but disappointed that it was closed off without providing a replacement immediately. Too often in the world things are done with promises to create better solutions in the future that never actually materialise & so it is inevitable that the current change will create unhappiness and cynicism about there actually being a replacement.

    Let's show some good will & find a way to get this reinstated & then formulate the better replacement that you suggest should be forthcoming. Some of the people who have been watching so many videos are the heart & soul of the RN community; this provided them with a way of being here & playing alongside the payers & they have enriched our gaming community in the process. They are not using bots (there are cheaters in every aspect of the game but they are a minority), they are people in low paid work or who cannot work, who have long hours available to them to use the feature offered. The game has been a place of respite from the real world & a place of safety when all is going wrong around them. So let's look at the bigger picture, find a way to be inclusive & still keep RN profitable & with the correct formula you will grow this community and build on the strengths.

    Please consider what I say - I say this as one who has played for years & would hate to see it fizzle out & die a death. It is a strong strategy game with team elements, a strong community & a theme that attracts people from all over the world - trains. Some of us are here for the love of the trains, others for the strategic challenge, all for the community which is so enriched by the diversity that all of this will threaten.

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  • Hello

    I have over 470k videos viewed in my RN carrer (i am 17th in all time rankings) even if I started this game later then many others.

    The amount of time spent doing so many rewarded me with a lot of "free" stuff and kept me relevant over "gold players".

    I am sad to say that the last "updates" and "upgrades" , even the new "scenarios" are just enlarging the gap between "gold" and "non-gold" players.

    This leads to people leaving this game.

    There are a lot of examples of bad game design which are favouring gold players (like allowing a player to BUY ALL the upgrades in his buildings in day 1 of era 1 on your MOST ADVERTISED type of game (masters 2)...).

    Giving "gold" players more options to stomp the game WHILE restricting the advantages of HIGHLY ACTIVE non-gold players is just showing the DIRECTIOn in which this game is going.

    Maybe you as a company are ok with this direction, but from my point of view is a huge mistake.

    PS: what do you think will happen when the only players that will play the game will be gold players ???

    i hope that this moment will not come very soon , but right now you have accelerated that process very much.


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  • Salix

    Please consider returning the video to watch ...

    at least until the COVID-19 pandemic goes away ....

    Now the players have a lot of free time ...

    Trust me!