Only one person can watch videos through the widget

  • Are we any further forward with a decision as to what is going to happen?

    There is players that want to leave as they can no longer afford to play, as they began playing the Game and have only known this feature, if the decision is not changed.

    It says that the topic would be reviewed and this is the reason I have not commented until now, please can we be provided with an update so that these Players that are part of the RN Community that keep your Game together, and contribute to your wages being paid can make a decision on whether to stay and continue to contribute to your wages, or leave and find another Games Company where they can contribute to their wages?

  • So far what can be said is we will keep discussing this topic.

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to make any promises at this moment, except that our aim is to rework the video system.

    We do not wish for players to watch hundreds and hundreds of videos each day in order to stay competitive, even if it is their own voluntary choice. That is not really what our game should be about. There has to be an option where players can concentrate more on the game while still reap benefits that let them stay competitive, in a balanced way.

    We know some players wish to watch videos, 1000 videos a day and be happy to do this. That has been their choice and we supported it. What we want to offer next are options that are more related to the game, and where the videos will not become a dominating game play element. And this is what we will work on now.

    I know this is not an answer you were looking for, may of you want the option to watch endless videos back. Now.

    All I can offer is apologies for the sudden change in the amount of ad videos you can watch. We are sorry for causing frustration like this. From one perspective, we fixed a "bug" unintentionally, which at some point had turned into a feature that doesn't need fixing. And how it looks to our players is, we removed a feature some loved and used very actively.

    Thank you for your comments so far and for showing how much you care about a good fighting chance in the game, and for the game. It can get pretty competitive over there. We will continue our internal discussions and will give updates when something interesting comes up.

  • The decision should of been made at the time this feature was implemented, and not years later.

    Whether intended or not - this feature is part of the Game and that has been taken away from us with no discussion to the Players, it is how the Game is played it has been for multiple Years. Even before the widget, multiple people could watch the same Video at the same Train Station therefore meaning that this has been implemented far before 2017 as previously stated.

    Please don't try to meet us half way after taking it away from us, give us the feature back we've used and cherished to play this Game, because without it the Game is no longer the Rail Nation we know as you've removed a vital feature. Additionally, please do not remove additional features from the Game.



    Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction. <3

  • So the usual delay and obfuscation tactic...

    All that players are asking is that UNTIL you come up with something better we return to the way it was, not that we sit in a vacuum for ages whilst fixing bugs for other parts of the game takes priority. This will take months, possibly longer to sort out, and in the meantime player enjoyment for those who use videos as an integral part of their gameplay will be seriously compromised. And this with no promise that what replaces it will in any way address the issue of competitiveness for those who are not heavy gold buyers.

    The very least that was expected was a firm date for resolution of the issue in a satisfactory way, not that RN is kicking the can down the road waiting for the storm to blow over, so that in the end nothing needs to be done.

  • I have to totally agree with what has been said here.

    Rail Nation beware what you have started & be careful this does not come back to bite you very hard.

    Players will only be pushed so far and you are not showing that you want to listen.

    Step back from the brink & show the ability to listen.

    Stop making decisions for adult players on what is good for them or not

    Show people that they matter, that people posting on your forum mean something to you & that you care - as you all purport to do with your team postscripts.

    Make a conciliatory gesture & put the timer for the reset on your widget to at least an hour if you cannot revert to either the manual reset as before or when the bonuses recur in order that most people can use the videos if they wish.

    It must not remain one sided if you really want people to spend their spare cash with you. We can talk about alternative options when there is a realistic current option in place. If the facility is lost for long enough (as Jeff said with his kicked can comment) then does that become the norm & then we have to accept that?
    Meet us half way with the reinstatement of the video facility & then a group of players can work with you to look at options for change if change is a must.

    I will remain hopeful and open to working with you if you can show willing from your side

    Get out of bed - celebrate waking, go to bed - survived another day:thumbsup:

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  • i am one of the players that has been kicked in the teeth by this

    i have played rail nation on and off for years until my wife passed away in 2017 at that point i have consistently played travian games including spending my spare income on them

    when my wife passed away rail nation was what got me through it was somewhere to turn to a place to turn too and as a result i brought my daughter Emziie to rail nation a game i thought she would never stick at but she did

    she then went on to take roles to help the community and that includes me

    its time now that you show us that you care about the community you have and the player base you have built and not only those that will spend £5000 a round, i spend alot of money in respect of what i have on RN if you want my money you show me that you want me here and that means changing this now no more excuses no more trying to stall us we want answers and we want them now not next week not next month not next year not in 2 years when you decide to remove another feature

    i agree thetdoc if this is not fixed this round this will be my last round of rail nation and i will never touch a travian game after watching what they have done to the players they supposedly care about

    please remove take care from your signatures as you dont mean it



  • But the 2nd Video isn't fixed - so it hasn't fixed it?

    Is it not worthwhile for you to have 10 Players buying Lottery Tickets as opposed to 1 Player buying Lottery Ticket?

    My Video ranking is quite high over Rail Nation. I DO purchase products from the Videos if its something I purchase, and I have NEVER used a bot to watch a video.

    Emziie is going full attack on RN... its everyones right ofc, but to see this from a person with the RN community logo on her avatar.... seems a little strange to me. I would suggest creating a different account for such things because this doesn't show a very united RN Team.

    But on topic: the fact that it would be possible for 2 or more people to watch the same video on a players station is obviously a bug.. there is no way an advertiser would encourage such thing. The more massviews on a video the less its going to be worth.. I have been playing RN for a very long time already and I personally always saw those videos dissapear after someone else watched it. Maybe from time to time due to a bug it didnt but regularly it behaved like it should. Anyone can see that this is a bug and not a feature....

  • I also feel disgruntled and disillusioned by the way RN have dealt with this issue, it is in my opinion a huge advantage to players that buy huge amounts of gold, others like myself pay what we can and without the videos we have no chance of competing ( on 4x servers a certain person has already ruined that and bought gold to win every server) what is the point now ? Every answer is meant with an answer of non conclusion ! questions are closed when in fact the situation has not been addressed. I also state that if this is NOT resolved soon i will also be leaving RN along with fellow loyal followers.

  • Thank you for that comment Mr Hoeven

    Rail Nation has a group of helpers who are not employees but who assist in elements of the game such as chat or forum moderation & also support.

    These are usually players but they are not employees.

    They are volunteers who help the game to run.

    But I feel certain that you already know that very well

    I have sensed that the use of different accounts is not uncommon on this forum

    I also have played Rail Nation for a long time & have absolute knowledge that you are incorrect having myself done videos with my team mates for many years.

    A bug that has been in existence for 3 years or more is by my definition a feature and either this is so or the bug fixes are incredibly slow to the point of incompetence.

    Let's agree to differ on this one shall we?

    Get out of bed - celebrate waking, go to bed - survived another day:thumbsup:

  • Fix this now RN; your community has clearly spoken and the consequences for RN are clear. You need to reinstate this feature now, stop trying to call it a bug and persuade the players to play on and forget it. This will be my last round as well if this is not fixed by the end of Smoke Chamber. I am so disappointed in your customer service.

  • Samisu  Salix

    I 100% agree with you that watching videos should be restricted!

    There are also some things I can't agree with!

    1) This is not a BUG! No matter what lists are written!

    This is a feature of the game!

    You have known about this feature for many years!

    And knowingly and deliberately providing it to the players!

    Because you know it balances the game!

    2) You take from the players without giving!

    This is the same problem as diamonds!

    You deliberately gave them to the players!

    And then you took them without giving them anything in return!

    You are once again robbing your players!

    Yes! Exactly!

    Your players feel that you are thieves!

    They feel robbed!


    Whenever you take something from your players, you have to give them something to compensate for!


    If you intentionally allowed this "BUG" for so many years ...

    It can continue as long as you give something in return ...

    But that makes me think ... you really intend to give something for compensation ..

    I'm not sure anymore ....:/:cursing:

    We are not children! If you don't have that intention ... don't lie to us!

    3) COVID-19

    Now it's a pandemic!

    Now people are locked home!

    And they have a lot of time to watch the video!

    Now is the worst time for such restrictions.

    If you love your players! You will never hurt them that way!

    But I guess it's happening now ...

    because now players have a lot of time ...

    and they watch a lot of videos ...

    Now players are double punished!

    From COVID-19 and Travian!:cursing::cursing:

    I ask for your mercy!

    Please take care of your players!

    Please think about this...

    I suggest!

    Give this back to the players ... until you give something back.

    If you won't give anything ... say it now!

    * You can reduce rewards after 500 videos watched per day (For example, offering more tickets at a discounted price.)

    I am 1000% agree that the video should be restricted!

    But not this way!

    With best feelings and wishes,


    Why? Because I love <3 Rail Nation <3:!:

  • Samisu

    Isn't this a balanced solution?

    * You can reduce rewards after 500 videos watched per day (For example, offering more tickets at a discounted price.)

  • An interesting suggestion Hear Me Roar

    and just to continue brainstorming (these are in no way promises or anything to create expectations, just for the sake of good conversation)

    Your idea: put a limit to how many videos can be watched, before the rewards start going down in value

    Random idea: put a limit to how many videos can be watched per day, but get better rewards overall

    Random idea: add an 'advertisement business' worker who gives more videos per day to everyone in the association

    Random idea: A combination of the three above

    Any more ideas, do drop a comment. This is an interesting discussion and your comments will be forwarded.

  • Why is there than an achievement for watching the videos????? This idea of setting a maximum to watch videos is not fair at all. Not everybody watches them. If you put a maximum to it we also will lose the first bonus. This is twice a rip off.


    Work for a cause

    Not for applause

    Live life to express

    Not to impress

  • Why is there than an achievement for watching the videos????? This idea of setting a maximum to watch videos is not fair at all. Not everybody watches them. If you put a maximum to it we also will lose the first bonus. This is twice a rip off.

    I'm not sure I follow completely?

    There is an achievement for watching videos yes - and if that max cap is limited for example from unlimited 24/7 to 500/day like HMR suggested in his example, people would still be able to reach for achievements. If the limit goes lower, then there I guess would be need for a new kind of video achievement (never taking away old achievements).

  • Taking the videos will only decrease the time spent by players online.

    The argument that they should be online in order to keep the synchro hauling or synchro bidding with teammates would be futile

    Videos could be the only thing keeping many players online.

    As you know one of the primary thing to stay online was to chat with others, syncronize with them , but this is imposible in game with the features called ingame chat and ingame forum

    The majority of players from the main Associations are synchonizing themselves thru outside platforms like discord and whatsapp.

    SO the main reason for being online is gone.

    If videos , which are the 2nd main reson to be online is taking out of the game also, the need to be online will decrease even more.

  • put a limit to how many videos can be watched per day

    This is very rough and limiting.

    I am against such restrictions.

    No one benefits from them. Neither you nor the players.

    Players Want To Watch Video!

    You have no problem with that!

    You have a problem - only with rewards!

    Therefore, the logical solution is to balance the rewards.

    This solution balances both sides!

    Random idea: add an 'advertisement business' worker who gives more videos per day to everyone in the association

    I'm against it!

    Few players on the team watch the video.

    This worker will replace other more useful ones.

    A combination

    Here is my improved solution:

    1-100 Video / Day - More Rewards

    101-500 Video / Day - As it is now

    500+ Video / Day - Fewer rewards ... but there are still prizes... and offering more tickets at a discounted price! (These rule go into effect if the player watches more than 2000 videos in the game total!)

    It's easy for developers.

    It just changes the chance of winning the various prizes.

    Depending on the number of videos watched that day.

    Don't Stop Players Watching Videos!

    You have no problem with that!

    You just have to balance the chance of rewards!

  • I am at a loss as to why HTML5 is not working for me at all. The game loads slowly, it jerky, it takes many seconds before it even clicks.

    I play with a gamer PC and have no problems anywhere. I cleared the cache completely, including all browser files. I'm not on except Chrome with Railnation. No Skype, nothing else. Nevertheless, the game stands more than it runs. And I'm on the USA server for 24 hours, so I haven't laid many tracks yet. I do not understand that.

    Due to this fact, I am unlikely to play another round. Just no more fun.



    PS: take care, maybe you will invent something in the 21st century that works for everyone.

  • the arguments of the companies which do not want too many advertisements, I do not really believe in it. what interests a company is its visibility. if you don't buy today, by dint of hammering an advertisement you will end up doing it ... what bothers you most about players making videos is that they don't buy gold any more. the old system had an advantage for players who do not play all day or are less taped in front of their computers. they could hope to do it anyway. the they can no longer benefit very present players. you explain that this system was not fair, it will be even less but on the other hand you can hope that these players buy gold instead ... I think you are making a mistake because the players' wallets are not extensible and the videos enabled your businesses in a way ...

  • why change this all of a sudden? No more suggestions of changes, just make sure the second bonus video is rewarded for the + account players. They payed for it with real money :cursing:


    Work for a cause

    Not for applause

    Live life to express

    Not to impress