📽️ Changes in the amount of videos you can watch

  • Hello everyone,

    As some of you have already noticed, it is no longer possible to watch unlimited videos at your station. Now we have a little update on this situation. We discussed this issue internally, had a look at some numbers, talked to some players and thought about what can be done.

    What is the current situation with videos?

    Some people suggested that we simply go back to how it worked before, that unlimited videos would be an option once more. While that sounds like a reasonable solution, it is sadly not that easy to achieve. We are not able to just activate this feature again, since we didn’t deactivate it in the first place.

    The very reason the endless videos existed was a bug in Flash. A bug we accepted as a feature later, so let's call it by its real name. Nevertheless it is not something we can switch back on again with a press of a button.

    With HTML5, this feature is gone and so there is no direct way to go back. Going back to how it worked before essentially means developing a new feature. This feature would mostly have to be developed by our backend developers. We have two backend devs in our team and, apart from daily business, they are currently busy with working on our server infrastructure. Busy getting rid of the server problems you might have noticed increasing recently.

    Our developers are also working on the performance of the HTML5 version, which currently is clearly by far the biggest priority for our developers. To make things worse, one of those two devs is sadly currently unable to work for at least two weeks.

    Developing a new feature is not possible right now

    Our hands are tied. We can not develop a feature to return the videos to their old functionality. However, we don’t want to stay idle either, just because we can not work on this right now.

    Even before the recent bug fix, it has been our plan to work on a new concept how to rework and modernize the video feature in general. We would like to include some of you in the ideation process and work on a balanced solution fitting the highly competitive play style together.

    We know that some of you are affected by the recent change RIGHT NOW, so a long term solution does not help you in this moment. We would like to offer you our apologies for this sudden and very badly communicated change, together with an invite to join our video watchers' brainstorming group.

    How do I apply to Video Watchers?

    1. Contact either Salix or Samisu with a private message here on forum (speech bubbles on profile page)
    2. Mention in your message why videos matter to you, and how they affect or have affected your game experience
    3. Please also mention if you have ideas or topics on videos you would like to discuss in the task force meeting with Rail Nation crew members

    Our aim is to discuss with a group of representatives from the player community, and together brainstorm how the videos might play in the future. We will do our very best to have the new video feature ready and implemented this year (2020), and the date will become more clear as we continue fixing the crucial HTML5 bugs, mobile issues and performance issues.

    Thank you for reading and thank you for your understanding. We hope to hear soon from the video enthusiasts among you!

    With kind regards,

    Your Rail Nation team

    P.S. If you wish - 💬 Let's discuss the changes in videos