💬 Let's discuss the changes in videos

  • Hello,

    did you already have a chance to read about the sudden change in the amount of videos?

    LINK: 📽️ Changes in the amount of videos you can watch

    We had a good discussion in the bug section about it, and now that we know what happens next - this gives us a good chance to start from a fresh table. With ideas, with wishes, suggestions, feedback.

    If you wish to tell about your experiences with the ad videos and what part they have played in your overall experience, please use this thread. To some they have become very important part of staying competitive, and to some they are a nice way to spend some time and see how lucky you are.

    Even if we can't start rewriting the feature back now, we do wish to work on something better for the future and brainstorm with players. How would a well balanced video feature look like in your opinion?

    Enjoy the weekend :saint:

  • You have to admit that the problem you have is not watching video!

    Players Want To Watch Video!

    This is not a problem for you!

    There is no need to be limited in this.

    That's why you give them to watch as much video as they want!

    You only have one problem!

    Prizes must be balanced!

    I suggest:

    All videos can be watched by all 25+1 players in the team. (There is no longer a video war!)

    We have a 10% basic bonus as it is now! (At least one player watched the video)

    Video watched by each player adds a bonus of 0.20%! (> 1 players watch this video)

    The theoretical maximum bonus becomes 10 + 25 * 0.2 = 10 + 5 = 15% (It is practically impossible)

    * The video is marked as watched - only when the player has watched it!

    I offer 3 levels of rewards:

    1-100 Video / Day - More Rewards

    101-500 Video / Day - As it is now

    500+ - Fewer rewards ... but there are still prizes... +offering more tickets at a discounted price! (These rule go into effect if the player watches more than 2000 videos in the game!)

    * The exact number depends on the speed of the server

    * There must be better conditions on faster servers! Because there are less days in one round!

    It's easy for developers.

    It just changes the chance of winning the various prizes.

    Depending on the number of videos watched that day.

  • Closing a thread that was so active and was targetting to a large audience is a censoring practice.

    Even if you open a new thread, the new thread will have less followers so it will have less impact. Then critics against RN targets less people. That's bad, very bad. Active threads must be moved to new locations if you think they are not in the correct place, but never closed.

    Also, in this thread there is nor eference to the original discussion.

    Finally, there is an in-game warning about the boosts and 2nd video Plus features which is incorrect, so RN is spreading fake news.

    In that warning, they suggest that the 2nd video feature got broken because of HTML5 switch, then suggesting it has been an unintentional accident. That's wrong, this feature got reduced because of a voluntary decission of RN.

  • Hello again

    So after we complained about the fact that the video changes were hurting non-gold players THE FIRST MEASURE rail nation does is INCREASING the gold amount from store thru a COMPENSATORY FLASH SALE !!!

    JESUS CHRIST !!!!!

    you guys are feeding the gold players TO COMPENSATE our complaints about them getting fed !!!

    COMMON !!!!!!!!!!

    ™ D a n i e L ™

  • Hi, and thanks for bringing this up.

    The old thread was a bug thread (in html5 bug area). We finally have an answer: 📽️ Changes in the amount of videos you can watch to what happened - and this answer should be the starting point for people who find this topic or wish to join the discussion.

    The old discussion was archived as an HTML5 bug thread, and can easily be still visited. All feedback has been gathered from that thread and discussed internally.

    From here on, a new thread (this one) at the main discussion area gives the topic more visibility, and is connected to the latest announcement with links taking both ways. With new information on the table, we can start moving forward and not concentrate on the unfortunate and sudden change - since we can't turn back time.

    On the in-game notification I sent to the two servers with compensatory sale active. We have players who cannot use Engine boost tickets at the moment the way they should. I'm not sure how many players have this error, but it is still there. There is also a bug in the 2nd video, even with Plus Account active, at times the second video is not offered. This is a bug you can find on our bug list. This bug is an HTML5 bug, and not fake news.

    The loss of unlimited videos feature is a separate thing, which is the topic of this thread - or rather, what you would like to see come next.

    We are also very interested in hearing about the game play with unlimited videos, stories from players on what the videos meant to them, what did it make possible and how much did the game now change due to the loss of this feature.

  • You can split the "unlimited videos feature" and the "second guaranteed videos" as two concepts if you want, but both problems are exactly the same from a technical point of view and has been produced by an intentional decission of RN.

    The "unlimited videos feature" was limited by not allowing a second viewer to consume the video if other viewer had already consumed it. Consequently, if that second viewer is a Plus player, that viewer is not allowed to view the video, thus the second video is not guaranteed anymore for the Plus player.

    It is not my fault that game designers do not have enough skills and ability to foresee that their decission would have that consequence in Plus features.

  • Hi, the compensatory Gold sale was planned to happen in any case, long before this unfortunate change in videos happened.

    When the main sale event started on 11th of April, we already promised a compensatory Easter sale that activates later - when we get all the servers online that were in endgame or offline during that time. This is what we do with sales so that no server is skipped.

    The timing is unfortunate, since it clearly sent a strong message to you that this is a compensation of sorts. It is not, but I completely understand if it sends that message to some players.

  • You say it is not fake news, I say it is and explain why. Be transparent and explain me technically why the "unlimited videos" and the "guaranteed second videos" are unrelated, if you can.

    You say it is not censorship? I say it is. The original posts had 2-4 replies at the moment it was closed. The new thread had one reply in 18 hours.

    As you have pointed out, everybody can see that you got your censoring objectives acomplished.

    When you have closed the post it has been moved to the Archive folder. Then you say a new thread in the main discussion area is more correct and has more visibility, but statistics show that the original thread had more visibility.

    So I have another question for you: why not keeping the original thread open and move it to the main discussion area if you think that it was not correctly placed?

  • Why is video so important?

    It gives you a unique opportunity to win prizes!

    Which, otherwise, can only be bought with real money.

    It is for players who have a lot of free time in front of their computers.

    And who have no money to play games. They need money for more important things in life.

    This is for players who want to spend money but don't have any!

    But they are ready to spend time and energy!

    But they are ready to spend time, effort and nerves to watch annoying ads!

    Trust me! If those players had enough money ... they wouldn't be punished this way themselves.

    Many of these players are the soul of the game!

    And last but not least...

    The video gives a sense of confidence, self-esteem and importance to the players.

    You no longer feel insignificant in front of players with a large bank account.

    In my opinion, this is the best balancing mechanism in the game so far!

    In my opinion, this is the most important that video provides!

    The sense of dignity, self-esteem and importance!!!

    The prizes that matter: (arranged almost in importance)

    - the feeling that you are not insignificant!!!

    - gold

    - research points

    - free tickets

    - Bonus train for this era (indirectly)

    - Bonus Train Upgrade (Indirect)

    - Primus (indirectly)

    - IDs, mechanic... (indirectly)

    - wagons

    - money

    The other similar thing in the game are the competitions!

    But the rewards there are much smaller.

    And players with a lot of gold have a big advantage over them!

    That's why both mechanisms complement each other to get balance in the game!

    Restricting the video will lead to a lot of conflict in the teams ...

    and will lead to a lack of satisfaction in many players ...

    ... players who are the life and soul of the <3Rail Nation<3!

    What you stole from the players is not video watching!

    These are their feelings ... satisfaction ... and balance in the game!

    You have no idea how much you hurt the game that way ..

    These are the thoughts of a madman. Don't judge me too harshly ...

  • My view is that it is a shame we could not continue on the same thread where everyone could have seen the whole debate. I am grateful for the link back for those who wish to review it but as it is archived it's impact is significantly reduced. It does appear to have reduced the traffic on the topic though I would agree polimorphic.

    At the end of the day my observation is that PTR has been running for 8+ months on the HTML-5 version & there should have been plenty of time to have identified the issue with the widget AND then communicated the impending changes before the changes were actually implemented. Samisu's statement has acknowledged poor communication & apologised for it so the communication element must rest there I guess.

    HTML-5 was a much anticipated change & one that we were looking forward to but it remains bug ridden and we have lost a valuable facility for our less well heeled colleagues.

    I am speaking up for colleagues who are my friends, people who have played this game for a long time & who cannot be competitive any longer. It seems they will not be competitive for some time until a new offering comes along.

    I will hope for changes to come & the introduction of a new facility that replaces & addresses the need to allow players from all financial circumstances to play the game competitively.

    I hope that Rail Nation will be sorted out & stabilised with time but I very much hope that the new replacement facility does not get lost & forgotten amidst the bug sorting & then with the passage of significant time.

    I will continue to voice my opinion on this topic in the coming months as I believe strongly in the issue. I really hope that Rail Nation will provide that "Christmas present" of a replacement for the videos to those who need it by having it functional by the end of the year at the latest. I hope those that stand up and join this group will be able to influence a really positive outcome. I also hope that we do not lose too many friends in the meantime. I will monitor this issue with close interest.

    Get out of bed - celebrate waking, go to bed - survived another day:thumbsup:

  • I apologise for copying this here but it I realised that it is probably more relevant here than where I originally posted it. I replied to a comment by Jalistar on the Community hero thread but it could be a form of gesture to the low income players whilst we sort out the video issues.

    Having non-gold special events especially during the rest of the year & the Covid period would be an excellent idea Jalistair. It would enable players to have something to focus on & somewhere where the less well off could remain competitive. It would show the real best players in the game.

    I too respect people who spend in the game as there can be no game without them but if the developers could find some way to give something back to the players who have lost their video option in the form of perhaps two Masters type events without gold use above the basic - perhaps a bit like the old PTR where you had an initial small amount & then had to use it to most effect throughout the game - two events spaced out during the rest of the year - format could be debated.

    That would be a welcome gesture to keep players at a time when they may be disillusioned

    Get out of bed - celebrate waking, go to bed - survived another day:thumbsup:

  • Summary from a certain thread (not exact quotes, but summary of points players made on and off the thread)

    These ideas or feedback did not vanish anywhere. The topic does not vanish anywhere - only the direction of this discussion so we can concentrate on what the next video feature could look like. If someone wishes to return to the points in the summary, feel free to do so. We still cannot turn back time: 📽️ Changes in the amount of videos you can watch

    If everything goes according to plan, we will have a Video Watchers brainstorming group together next month, and we would also run a discussion with those who are most experienced with this topic next month.

    Forward we must go, and in that spirit I wish we can return to the most important new topics.

    • A) If you are a heavy video watcher, share your story or stories so we can better understand the effect of losing unlimited videos had on you. Tell about your your day to day game experience watching videos and what you achieved with hundreds and hundreds of them each day.
    • B) If you wish to discuss your ideas together with other players for what sort of video feature would be the best and balanced, you can apply to 'Video Watchers' and discuss with us, as soon as we have a good group together.
    • C) If you have an idea to improve the video system from what it was, but do not wish to join the brainstorming group - please drop your ideas in this thread and we can discuss those together. You can also comment and improve on others' ideas.
  • Samisu

    I'm asking for help! I ask for some answers!

    So far, watching video has been the only alternative for players who don't have a lot of money.

    Thus, by spending their time and effort they can "buy" everything that is sold for a lot of money!

    Probably Travian doesn't want to offer an alternative to real money ....

    Please answer the following 3 questions:

    1) Does Travian want to provide an alternative for players who don't have a lot of real money?

    2) What can Travian have to offer his players?

    3) What goals does Travian have besides making money?

    The answers to these and other similar questions will clarify our situation ...

    And it will help us make suggestions ...

    We are trying to figure out what Travian's goals and intentions are.

    What Travian wants and can offer us ...

  • A) If you are a heavy video watcher, share your story or stories so we can better understand the effect of losing unlimited videos had on you. Tell about your your day to day game experience watching videos and what you achieved with hundreds and hundreds of them each day.

    I'm a heavy video wtcher (as the rankings in the lobby show) and honestly I don't see the bugfix of the widget as problem for me. Just some videos less to watch but stil enough.

  • hilti2

    Are there other players in your team who watch the video?

    Is there a conflict of interest?

  • Yes of course. This round even more than usual.

    Are there any angry players in your team?

    Because they can't watch enough videos.

  • In my observations this becomes a big problem in an very active team.

    Especially when the era is changing!