Spectatormode does not work

  • Hi,

    Maybe it's already posted but, if i want to take a look at someone's trains it doesn't show anything except my menu's (at bottom and rightside) are hidden/not visible anymore, also i cannot quit that spectator-mode because it's placed 'under' the mainbar as shown below:

    Then i cannot do anything others than refresh, or when i go to view his/her station (which works OK), and then going back to the map, but then all of my trains are not visible anymore. So the only last thing i can do is a refresh... Quite annoying, also this 'update' is done too short (just 16 days before) before the EG.. Also so much more (little but annoying) new bugs are presented now which we not did have/had in the past flash-version...

    Playing via the latest version of Chrome from a pc.

    Greetz, JMT, i know my english is not very well but hopefully understandable.

  • Hi Johanna,

    I usually try it via the widget/assomembers/bonusclickthingie, but i thought it also didn't work correctly via the associationmembers-screen. I cannot reproduce/retry this now again because stoomketel/nl is finished and should restart next tuesday.

  • Well, it seems to be fixed now, i can access the Watch Other Player's trains and go back/exit without those statusbar overlaying the exit button, also no problems anymore with getting my own trains back in screen...!

    So it might be fixed?! Good work...! ;)