Burning platform

  • Hey RN

    I got a really bad vibe here – when I read the forum last week I get almost scared about this wonderful games future – all about fail and RN not to respond – I can say I must be lucky got NO issue at all with HTML 5 but for sure a LOT of other people has.

    Why is there not any Senior officer from RN out here and address the problems and acknowledge the issue here – go out say yeah we know we got problems – we hear U we will fix Asap or even better with an exact date (not possible I know) – go out and say to there most IMPORTANT PEOPLE (your Costumer ) we see this and we will do our best - we cover your loss ( it will be 10 times more expensive if people just leave this game in frustration) – so RN pls set in your Senior TEAM here and help all this good people U got in forum just try get the boat floating -HELP THEM and HELP your costumer

    Thx in advance

    Cheers Rype

  • Not sure where to post this or how I can get to someone who can do something about this. I just received a ransom note in my personal email asking for $2000.00 in Bitcoins or they will send incriminating information to my Facebook contacts. The breach has to be from this game as it is the only place I use the combination of email address and password, which they had. I am deleting this game from my computer and all history.

    BE CAREFUL FOLKS. The appears to be a security breach here.

  • These mails are sent by criminals, who send them around without having any of those "informations" they pretend to have.

    NEVER pay to them.

    They just got the mail password combination form one of those hacks that happened in the past. When I got the first one of those, they told me a password that I had used 10 years ago.

    They have nothing but that combination. So you should change your password, wherever you use that one.

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