Adam's trade route

  • Adam jumps up from his desk. He has just received an unusual phone call: a contract offer from America! This is THE chance to expand and become known there too. Six new trade routes are to be planned between five American cities each.

    Adam has to find the shortest transport route to reach all these cities. There is one special requirement. Adam has to deal with beelines for the planning in order to find the most direct connection.

    Which route would you choose for each individual map to determine the shortest transport route?

    Fill in your answers in ➡️ this survey

    Good luck to you all! May your American Dream come true!

    Your Rail Nation team

  • Dear players,

    Adam is just as curious about the outcome of the shortest trade route as you are. So many of you are convinced to have found the shortest routes. Your participation was enormous and the answers are still being processed.

    We will let you know the results at the beginning of next week.

    In the meantime you can take a look at the contest that just started on our American Dream scenarios.

    Take care and thank you for joining the event!

    Your Rail Nation team

  • Dear players,

    What a challenge it was and how happy Adam was with all your help. We had so many participants, it was a big job processing all that data.

    The following 10 players succeeded in finding the shortest routes overall for all 6 maps.

    1. bärenkind - 44339,2 km
    2. Cairni Bianca - 44339,3 km
    3. _cesta_ - 44339,3 km
    4. cast of 1000 - 44395,4 km
    5. Meðea - 44429,1 km
    6. Benjamin Broedel - 44622,2 km
    7. Trimble - 44709,1 km
    8. Bandit 01 - 44719 km
    9. Richelie - 44739,8 km
    10. Lil Lizard - 44782,2 km

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    On behalf of Adam,

    Your Rail Nation team