American Dream update for USA scenario

  • Dear players,

    The USA scenario will soon be Rail Nation - American Dream. You can learn more from our blog.

    Here are the changes for the American Dream servers

    • In endgame: Increased faction points for megacities winning the endgame from 2,000 to 5,000.
    • In endgame: Increased the prestige reward for the players of the winning faction from 10,000 to 20,000.
    • For all eras and endgame: Reduced the prestige reward for each conquered city from 100% to 50%.
    • New achievement for those who earn 50,000 prestige on one of the American Dream servers.
    • Added realistic American engine models.

    Here are the next starting American Dream servers:


  • Dear American Dreamers,

    Our first American Dream blog post and change log had wrong information. Some of you asked if the new 50% flip bonus will only affect the endgame or the whole round - our answer was 'only the endgame'. This information is wrong, and we are sorry for the confusion.

    You may still be playing on one of the game rounds where players still get the 100% flip bonus. All other AD servers and restarting American Dream servers have a 50% flip bonus, on all eras and endgame. The change log above has been adjusted, and we will also make changes to the blog post.

    This misinformation has probably caused changes to your strategies and plans, and we are very sorry for all the inconvenience. We will learn from this and will make sure you get the correct information in the future. Thank you for contacting the game support with your questions!

    Enjoy the weekend,

    Your Rail Nation team