Game totally unplayable now

  • I also think Jailstar is using the wrong word when saying "accommodation".

    I'm not looking for any sort of compensation, I just want the game to work properly, as do most people. If not we'll just stop playing it. The fewer people who play the game, the fewer people will watch the video adverts and I'm sure that will impact on the revenue Rail Nation gains from them. Get it fixed or you're in danger of going out of business. :)

    Yes, the word that was used was compensation and I mistakenly used accommodation. I for one just wrapped up my last round on Rail Nation and am not playing at least till later this summer in order to give them time to work the kinks out.

  • The game is certainly still full of bugs & the video bug still does not seem to have been fully fixed based on some missed second video issues I had at the weekend.

    It may well be that some use of terminology has been an issue here but I believe we are all agreed that currently the game is not providing what it is advertised as intended to provide as regards bonus videos (unless the missing second video resolves).

    I agree that on one level Jalistair an unreasonable demand may make a company less likely to respond to that customer, but we must not let this excuse allow the company here to ignore a lot of it's customers. If all players who spent on a Plus account have not been getting their "guaranteed" second video then it would seem reasonable to suggest that some form of compensation is potentially due to any player who has spent on a Plus account. Clearly if Plus account has not been bought then no compensation is due. This is the all that missy amanda is focusing on I am guessing.

    So I would hope that everyone can agree on that as I feel that at the core of the issue we are not a hundred miles apart in what we all basically think is reasonable?

    Get out of bed - celebrate waking, go to bed - survived another day:thumbsup:

  • While I didn't initially have problems with HTML, a few cropped up after the endgame started on COM5.

    In chat, new messages were not scrolling up into the window, messages that word-wrapped onto 2 or more lines were not displaying more than the first line until someone else posted, and sometimes the chat froze completely requiring a reload from the lobby page.

    Also, green numbers on the message icon were not always appearing until several minutes after forum messages had been posted, and some of my team said they were getting preview messages in the bottom right corner from city forums they were not connected to.

  • I had avoided to comment about the game as long as the game was playable. But now I have to comment because the game has been “improved and upgraded” so that I have got plenty of time impossible to play. The “improvements” made this game to be unplayable. Some minor issues about the impossibility to find out when a factory will grow or to estimate how much investments it needs to grow. Another issue is about the fact that a train can make 10 stops on factories to a supply chain for a good. This issue has the problem that playing on PC we can unload and the load again trains in the same factory and that is considered one stop, but on smartphone the unloading is one stop and the loading in the same factory is the second stop. So this difference of the number of stops for same train if you are on PC or on smartphone is inequitable for players that are playing on different devices. These are small issues that have appeared thanks to the “improvements” made on this this game that WAS perfectly playable in the past. Maybe it was worthy to “improve” it since it was a good game and now it is NO MORE a fun game nor playable. But the main “improvements” that has been made I think that is the fact that the game has ignored its core principles. It was a map based game that has been a provocation for the players to expand rail routes, to connect more cities and to develop a rail network as large as the map permits. I think that all experienced players are aware that if they will play on smartphone this “map based style” is not even close to its meaning if using the “improved” capabilities of the game and playing on smartphone. And also because of the translation to smartphones the graphics for cities and factories were shrink in order to have at least a good visibility for the tracks between them. Now if we want to see the writings on the cities (like the lvl of the city or even the city name) we must zoom in, loosing the view of a larger map. And the zoom in and zoom out function is working also very hard after the improvements. More or less the players are forced to action on a restrain area of the map. I know that my computer does not comply with the optimum requirements of the upgraded game software, but I’m still wondering how could a perfectly well working computer on the previous version was working just fine and after the improvements I am forced to upgrade my hardware if I want to play this game urther. Another “improvement” is about finding some usefull informations about some actions in the game. For this I can mention that in the factories if you want to see the “transport ranking” that is not possible thanks to the “improved” game experience implemented by the last upgrades. Another important capability that was “improved” by the developers is the communication between players. Most of the players had many benefits using a facile communication system provided by the game messaging and chat/forum system. Most of the players learn from other players how to play the game using “in game” massages. Many players could communicate using a simple copy/paste action to or from googletranslate because they are players that are using different languages. Now this copy/paste capability (paste from googletranslate to the game) is cancelled. The issues that I have metioned above are just some of the entire list of “improvements” made lately. I try to understand what was the intention of the TRAVIAN and the only explanation that come in my head is that it was a infusion of new “IT experts” in the team, maybe TRAVIAN have lost some of the guys who worked in at the beginning of this game, and these new “experts” have convinced the staff that a new “modern” and “improved” version will have a big and most beneficial impact on the game. If that is the explanation for this messy transformation from a perfectly decent and working game to a game that is the subject of many blames from the players, then the staff must rethink the last acquisitions in human resources and the entire concept of the game considering the accessibility and addressability of the game for the future. If the TRAVIAN intentions are just to transfer the most of the game to the smartphone users, they must think that a map based game like this cannot be played on a 7” display for a long time. This game is not a “hop in - hop out” kind of a game. Most of the players are planning the time that they will spend online very carefully and for long periods. This game was not designed like a “Tic Tac Toe” game. Are many players that have made sophisticated strategies for a entire team for many weeks of playing a round. If the issues about communication, map visibility and the informations of the factories and cities will not be at them disposal, then will be very hard to conceive and implement a strategy along with a group of friendly players. That is against the description of the game itself like a “strategy game”(when I google the game it appears this description “browser-based online strategy game”). In conclusion I think that TRAVIAN guys must think again about “upgrading and improving” the game the way they did lately … what they have done lately with this game is not in their favor … or ours … but it is against the concept of the game itself. Please excuse my English but I have tried to explain as clear as I could some of the messes made by the latest upgrades and “improvements” of the game.

  • This round will be the last I ever play if you can't fix the lags and drags of the game.

    In the beginning it was just slow. Now it is "impossible" to log in unless you retry umpteen times. Gaming should be fun not irritating.


    Getting to the lobby - today 7 reloads.

    Getting from the lobby in to the game - 5 reloads.

    Opening the research point screen - completely black screen for several seconds.

    Opening station screen - a load of small white locomotives while loading graphics. While this goes on, nothing can be done!

    Redeming lottery ticket - several seconds of black where there should have been a lottery ticket.

    Collecting bonues from teammembers - several seconds to load teammembers station and nothing can be done while you wait. This repeats for each teammember if the teammember has a different progress in station development than the previous.

    The lag that causes freeze or black or blank screen goes for the locomotive stables too.

    Loging of to get to the lobby screen is another reload, reload, reload.

    Now, here comes the really interesting thing: Everything works in the mobile app. Why on earth can't you get it to work for the computer game?

    Server: M1.1 Nordic Rail.

    Browser: Chrome

  • Hi WDamen

    Good to hear everything works in the mobile app for you.

    For browser version, there can be many different reasons and different players get different experiences. Some can continue to play as they always have, and trust that the graphical glitches they see will be fixed. Some have loading issues, and bigger graphical glitches that makes the game hard to play.

    We should have news soon on our progress where we are with the HTML5 switch and what is coming next.

    Please know that you are always welcome back and see how the performance and general experience has improved in the future. This switch comes with more issues to some players than others, and we are constantly working on it.

  • I agree with Mozian. On Com 5 during EG and during regular rounds I was receiving on screen chat messages from Cities I was not connected to. Mainly Holdsworth, which was the city we were competing against in Endgame. Personally I ignored it but I did notice it creating situations with other players in both cities.:|

  • Hi,

    I don't know, I have no problem logging in and playing now. And I play it on two servers at the same time. On M1.101 - 1 E 1 day and on CZ101 E 1 day 3. Chrome browser, two tabs with games, one with a forum and one with a translator. Everything OK. Maybe I'm lucky. . .