What has happened to all those HTML5 bugs in the spreadsheet

  • We now have had at last an update.

    Just one little problem, nothing has changed with regards to playability.

    What has happened to all those 200+ bugs in the cute but not very good spreadsheet, that have been labelled all along as "to be fixed at next update"

    These are the issues that players want sorting out, the ones that really affect our ability to play the game with some enjoyment instead of

    complete frustration at so many things not working, so many refreshes in order to make sure what you asked to happen really has done.:cursing:

    So when are we going to get an update that actually does something towards the playability of the game.

  • Those bugs will exist until they are a problem to play the game properly; witch will be a long time from now

  • Hello Atrail,

    No need to delete a server if no longer want to play on.

    (If however, bothers the server you do not want to play, then you ask your Community Manager to delete it.)

    Just choose another server, and continue to play.

    Have a nice evening!


    Lacidd23 :)

  • 7 days and no reply from someone with Travian?

    Gonna need some kind of answer here Trav.

    I know of AT LEAST 40 players in 1 server who will leave the game if the worst of these playability issues are not addressed pretty quick.

    Up to y'all ... fix these stupid problems, or start watching your player base go bye bye.

  • Why is the Lab not working correctly. It's supposed to generate a research point 25% faster with a plus account. That's not happening! This game has really gone down the tubes since switching over.

    I thought that as well, until I spotted some text that says that the 25%bonus has already been applied.

    The playability issues are now getting way beyond a joke.

    If I want to split my trains into 2 to follow 2 chains of integration it takes over 2.5 mins to actually do it, 7 tracks of travel for a Medusa. Before HTML this used to take around 30 seconds.

    I run a QHD screen, so 2560 x 1440 and I have to have my text boosted up tp 150% in order to be able to see messages.. Not ALL messages, System ones are fine, but the rest... they all cut off at the right hand side. Even someone in our group playing on a 720P screen has to have text at 115%.

    We have now had 2 updates, some servers 3, except that that 3rd one was downgraded to a HOT FIX for most servers.

    Both updates have fixed very little.. OK, I accept improvements in logging in, and in the 2nd adverts for + Acc holders. But what about the other 200+ known bugs that are labelled as " To be fixed at next update". " and they are barely touched.

    I'll say again. Travian needs to start looking at the playability issues so that the game can again be enjoyable, instead of it's current state of extremely annoying, and totally frustrating.

  • Are there no more offers to purchase gold? I can't spend much gold, for I'll run out in a day. I earn a lot, but when I invest in a lottery at a good price, I mostly wind up with cash. rarely do I win gold, a lottery ticket so far is mostly a waste.

    I keep getting errors and restart notices constantly.

    I keep losing all of the owner reference icon of individual industries / suppliers when I contribute to one.

  • That depends on which levels you speak of?

    If you're talking about career level, then you have to meet certain achievements in the game. You can see the achievements in the lobby. When you get those achievements, you can get career points, those help you level.

    If you're talking about the city levels, you have to haul the 4 required goods to the city. Those goods are individual for each city, but it's the top 4, when you enter the city screen. This is not a task for you only, every required good hauled by anyone to that specific city counts toward the goal, which is a certain amount that has to be hauled to the city. That amount is also individual for each city. Be aware though that the city consumes a percentage of the current stock every 15 minutes.

    You COULD also be talking about the landmark, if you're playing the Europe Scenario. It also a matter of hauling a certain amount of several goods here.

  • Regarding muhendisbey's question.

    Read this blog:

    How it works: City consumption - Free browser-based online strategy game - Rail Nation

    In general each good has a certain base consumption percentage. That percentage is multiplied by a factor that take several things into account:
    Game progress for the city. Basically it's a matter of which level the city has in a certain era
    Active connected players to the city


  • where do i find the regional commitiee i want to apply to be council member, i see the option in city council not the region

    click on the regional overview on the right side of your screen, you should have a tab for that then (similar to where you vote for president)

    Fr-201 Bad Wolf de coeur

    en pause indéterminée - away from the game until next interesting server

    Likely coming back for clash!

  • I won a competition for an iron license, but the license did not show up in my owned license tab. Why not?

    I think now you win a license voucher when you win a competition. >> You can buy any license for free. Just go to the "buy a license directly" tab or something.

    Fr-201 Bad Wolf de coeur

    en pause indéterminée - away from the game until next interesting server

    Likely coming back for clash!