Messaging system - sometimes the messages sent are blank messages

  • I've had this problem a few times, when some of the messages I write or forum posts are blank. I've given a couple examples below and have indicated with strikethrough text the items which come up blank when you send the mail/post on the forum.

    Typically this is when I try to suggest a route to haul with trains, or if I post a link:

    MAIL EXAMPLE - a message containing a suggested route like this often has the route coming up blank when you send it:


    FORUM EXAMPLE - posts with links. The second link in the post below is always blank on the forum when I post it.



  • I have trouble too. Tried to make a schedule in Word to paste in the game messenger and it either only put a little of it in or not at all. It also retained some previous info or just plain twisted the message up.

  • Even when using NotePad to write a post in, then cut/paste it into the Forum, it has ended up being blank. The UX/CX for the in game forums have "gone down the tubes" with the html5 upgrade!