How to change Region on Europe servers?

  • Hello ... As you know, there are 10 Regions on "Battle for Europe" servers. As you know, we can change the city we are involved in until the end of the game when starting the game on these servers. But as it happened to me, although I changed the city, my region did not change automatically, as my new city was in another region. What is the reason for this and if there is a valid reason, how to change the Region? Thank you to everyone who can help.

  • It is giving wrong results. I am ranked in North-East while I did all the 'work' in South-South-East. (I started in Vilnius but changed to Vienna in Era 3.)

    This cannot be correct.

  • It is giving wrong results. I am ranked in North-East while I did all the 'work' in South-South-East. (I started in Vilnius but changed to Vienna in Era 3.)

    This cannot be correct.

    It is how the game is meant to be. If you could change region, everyone would change to the winning region.

    You are allowed to change your home city, even out of the region, for tactical reasons, but you should always fight for your home region. This makes the pre-registration in SoE even more important, as you and your association should build a strong relationship with other associations for the next round.

  • That may well be the idea The Earl....

    But if you region was "broken" last round and you want to move to a place with some friendly faces for the next round how is it fair that you cant for example change region in the first week? (of course the special route may not open up that quickly....)

    I couldn't preregister in the region where the association I intended to join was going as all the cities were full so had to preregister over the border in a neighbouring one.

    You may ask when I didn't just ditch my existing association before the EG and join the one I was planning to - well that kinda sucks for the people I was playing with at the time. They miss out on a HQ level from my pre-reg which is at least a common courtesy people should be able to give even when jumping ship.

    So - change region but only up to a limited point and only to a neighbouring region would seem fairer to me. Still stops everyone from changing to the winning one.

    Personally I think this should be how home cities are done as well only once in the whole game and again only up to a limited time.

  • I agree a lot that you shouldn't ditch your previous EG city, so your where unfortunate not to be able to join your current region.

    As I said there has to be some "rules" about this, or it would be easy to exploit it. It left you with 2 choices for the current round:

    - The one you did, by registering in the neighbour region, where you then sacrifice the fact of getting points for the region that you actually fight for. The sacrifice is only 1 round though, as next round you will pre-register with your new/current team.

    - The other choice would have been not to pre-register, but to hop in exactly at the start of the new game, as it almost always is a couple of open spots in the beginnig. This to the sacrifice of not being able to buy the super starter pack.

    Which server do you play by the way?

  • Tower Bridge

    Saw you there in the game, and understand your frustration. But there has to be some rules, that apply to everyone. Then it could be discussed how they should apply.

    I would agree that change of home city, should only be done once (maybe twice) during a round, and only until a certain time of the game. For instance once allowed in era 1, and one more until start of era 6 (when regions decided end game city)

    As for changing your region, even if it was allowed once during the first era, I think it would be exploited too much. Many would then agree beforehand that everyone changes to a given region, and that region would have all the best players.