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  • I'm not playing the game on the other computer because of "htl5" .I wrote 10 days ago at Forum. There was no coming. Please help ..

    post in the forum like this.

    don't play for co-202 , a.d 1-101 , de205


    tfiso6 Thursday, 10:53 pm

    I can't get into the game (American dreams).

    I found the solution from the forum and applied it.

    Finally, I am sending the link (in we transfer).

    thank you ."



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  • It is constantly disconnected and to enter, there are 1000 errors.

    It took me almost 1 hour to get in

    If this is not solved, I will stop playing soon

  • Hi there,

    The link doesn't take anywhere unfortunately ('link can't be found' when you click on it)

    Perhaps the link got old (wetransfer will delete it automatically after a week or something)

    Have you contacted game support yet? Support : Rail Nation

    Try creating a new wetransfer link like before when you can't join the game and support will have an answer for you within 24 hours.

    You can also add the new link in this thread and someone will look into it.

    I'm sorry we missed your first message.

  • For now, sounds like the only way is to try different ways to login to the game.

    Try different browsers or try the mobile app version until we can figure out why you aren't able to login while others are.

    There's a technical account related reason behind the login issues I cannot help with. I would suggest you contact game support next if nothing helps, so you can continue discussions with our support team: Support : Rail Nation

  • :-))))

    funny ...

    the problem is this is briefly;

    - I cannot enter any game after I have the layout from my computer (html5) ...
    - Currently nine games are open and all of them are stuck at 50% on luxury.
    - I'm currently playing 3 games

    . But on another computer.
    I always played

    I want to "play" on the computer

    but "application" not allows ..
    In short, to find another computer in every "application" change

    I have to?

    could i explain the issue "clearly"?
    Could you please explain this to the "technical" support team?

    This transition was clearly "so amateur " as expected ..

  • Unfortunately it is impossible for me to say what is behind the login issues in your case, but game support can work with the technical details or find someone who can help you find answers.

    If I got it right, you can now play in 3 game worlds on one computer, but the other computer you usually use does not let you past the 50% loading screen? Mention this when you contact support, and also send them the link you created:

    Game support will have access to your account unlike the forum crew, so please contact them for further help: Support : Rail Nation