Rail Nation - The Champions!

  • Sorry for all the annoying questions and problems, but I really like your general idea of leagues, so lets try to look for a way to solve those problems and polish this idea as much as possible.

    Thanks for asking questions.

    Please ask questions!

    From personal experience I can tell you that the most difficult to answer are questions that are not asked 8o

    I want new players to come to this wonderful game!:love:

    Once you fix the bugs! I believe you will!

    Stability is the main and most important thing that customers want!

    These should be your first 10 tasks on the list!

    And then you have to make special scenarios for newbies.

    A scenario that will be equally interesting for beginners and experts!

    I will be happy if I am useful

    Let's hear your questions!

    Do you have any other questions?

  • + 50 gold for the first round!


    I supplemented the offer with another +50 gold for the first round of newcomers to the game!

    But in this scenario there will be no gift of 100 gold for the players.

    Every experienced player can win prestige and gold with active play.

    More precisely - all players for their first round will receive (Only for the first round !!!)

    - 100 gold

    - 50 gold + 28 days FREE plus account [Newbies - Easy start (Level A0: 0-49.999 PP)]

  • Rail Nation - The Champions!

    This is the front door of the game!

    This is the lobby of the game!

    A scenario designed to give a successful start to newbies!

    Scenario created for meetings and contacts for all players.

    With its easy rules, short duration and free access - this is a playground, the training hall of the game!

    Classic, Europe (SoE), American Dream, OJ...

    This is the essence of the game!

    Rail Nation - Golden Age!

    100% fair play! International server for fair play!

    Fair competition at the price of a plus account!

    Here every player is golden!

    Who are the best teams and players in the world? If everyone plays fair!

    Rail Nation - We are the champions!

    Who is the best team in the world? Is it yours?

    Will you prove it in many rounds?

    You are all invited to the most exciting team adventure in the universe of Rail Nation!

    This is a very special scenario.

    The only team-oriented!

    With a global rank of teams and regions.

    Scenario with exceptional strategic challenges of Enigma!

    Scenarios for great leaders! Leaders who organize and lead entire regions to great victories!

    Battles that will go down in history ...

    This is the battlefield! This is the war! The biggest challenge in RN<3

    Everything else is just training ...