🛠️ Current HTML5 Status

  • Dear players,

    Some of you have already noticed, that the amount of fixed HTML5 bugs per week has decreased in comparison to what we were able to do a few weeks ago.

    Why is that?

    The main reason is we are working on a bigger update for the current HTML5 version. This update is not a collection of separate bug fixes and improvements, but rather a structural change of the way the visible parts of the game work. Once done, this will have several advantages.

    One of them is that we have a more solid basis for development and, in combination with what we have already developed, some significant performance improvements, most noticeably while moving on the map. Another advantage is that many of the currently existing smaller HTML5 bugs will be gone, without having to fix them manually. Both these things are very useful of course, but the even bigger advantage is that with this new version of HTML5, our devs will be able to work much more efficiently.

    So, while this work is temporarily delaying some bug fixes, it will make it much easier for our devs to fix and prevent bugs from that moment on.

    So, to sum up the advantages:

    • Better performance, especially when moving on the map
    • Less bugs
    • More efficient work on bugs and improvements


    When will this update happen?

    We expect another 3-5 weeks. This is not a fixed timeline though, since we want to make sure the version we release is an improvement in comparison to the current one.

    Will you stop fixing bugs completely now?

    No, we continue to fix high priority bugs, especially if they can be transferred to the update.

    Will all bugs be fixed?

    Certainly not. A lot of the current bugs will be gone, but definitely not all of them and there might also be some new ones. However, the overall amount of bugs will decrease.

    How much will the performance improve?

    This is very hard to answer. We can already see some clear positive results in our tests, but we did not apply all improvements yet and in general the data from our test servers cannot fully predict the final results on live game worlds. In addition, the perceived improvement can differ greatly, depending on the player and the problems they previously had. The most significant improvement right now are the FPS while scrolling the map.

    Does it still make sense to report bugs?

    Yes, absolutely. Even if some of the current bugs might just be gone with the new version, we will still register those reports and check if these bugs still exist in the new version. However, we will not continue to update the public bug list.

    Thank you for your patience,

    Your Rail Nation team