RN average age of the players

  • Just out of curiosity: Whats the average age of the players in RN? It is surely higher than many of the popular games like Fortnite.. The oldest Ive been in asso with so far, is 92 years old. I am often one of the youngest in asso, and I am almost 40!

    I dont remember if we had to insert our birthyear when signing up to this game, but if we have to, there must be some sort of statistics on average age?

  • We did an "anonymous" survey in our corp (only the chair knew the age of the people, and only people that were willing to say their age).

    If I remember correctly, the average was 40ish years old.

    So yeah, definitely older that your mainstream multiplayer game (LoL, Fortnite, etc), which is more between 15 and 20 yo on average. But not that high, when you come across a lot of older people playing (I expected the average to be 50 to 60 in my corp for example).

    Haven't seen many people below 20 in this game. Or they don't stick / play actively. But then again, it's kinda difficult when you are not independent to play actively during the EG for example.

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  • Hah, this is something that took me by surprise as well. I've been running the corporation for several rounds and I knew that I had members who's age is beyond 50 but didn't knew how many. Just recently someone asked on the internal forum what's our age and it turns out that, except one of the guys, I'm among the youngest with 32.

    I have to say that acting as chair now seems a bit strange.

    All in all is good because we often can turn to reason, unlike other games where you are trying to reach an agreement with a 14 years old... tough.

  • Are we talking about the average age or the average acting age?

    the real average age is I guess mid 30's but the acting age of most is more like todlers 8o

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  • I don't have the numbers to share, but we definitely have players from all age groups playing Rail Nation. When do people get interested in games where you can build your own transportation empire? And trains, those attract people who work in the industry or have hobbies related to trains...

    Overall, a very interesting combination of people playing in teams. I know of families playing together, and real-world work colleagues who move to Rail Nation and build a team in here as well. Age doesn't seem to matter much, but that much is clear the average age is not in the teens.

  • but that much is clear the average age is not in the teens.

    I can't agree with you about that!

    We are all teenagers! Everything else is just an internship in life! 8o

  • I am 67 years old. When I was young "gaming" usually required some kind of ball, a stick, paddle, or bat, and at least a few friends to play the game with. I believe the younger generations that live for the video game world will grow old with acute cases of carpal tunnel and need thumb joint replacement operations. :-) My brother, myself and our father also maintained an expansive train set that we expanded every Christmas or birthday and even the occasional Saturday trip to purchase the latest train gadget on the market from Lionel. My brother and I spent hours watching our dad play with our train set. Today that train set has been given to my son and will eventually go to my grandkids. It has become a family heirloom. I would say a lot of older people have similar memories of days gone by. My kids got me into video games (though I mostly watched as they played) but I always preferred RPG style games where you performed some game actions and then waited to see how your decisions panned out. I didn't realize at first that I was becoming an algorithm whisperer, but that is how RPG's work. Rail Nation is a perfect example of an RPG game with complex algorithms just crying to be analyzed and conquered. So that and the love of trains passed down generation to generation is why I like RN and maybe why the average age of players is a smidgen older. I hold out hope that my grandkids might enjoy a round of RN in the future. Maybe we can have a family corporation someday. How about a family discount, oh RN algorithm gods!!!

  • I don't remember the precise average age right now, but it should be somewhere in the 40s. It also depends on the region; some countries communities are older than others.
    A random fact I remember: In some regions, about half of our players are older than 50.