Rail Nation - Golden Age!

  • Rail Nation - Golden Age!

    International server for fair play!

    Everyone here is a golden player!

    Finally fair competition! For everyone!

    In short

    - Without buying gold!

    - Classic 4x (1 month)

    - 600 gold (at the price of a "Plus Account")

    - Alchemy - 10 prestige turns into 1 GOLD!

    - 100% fair play

    - 100% fun

    - 100% Satisfied players

    - International

    Why? Because I love <3Rail Nation<3:!:


    Rail Nation - Golden Age!

    Rail Nation - Golden Age! (Goldenes Zeitalter!)

    Rail Nation - Golden Age! (L'âge d'or!)

    Rail Nation - Golden Age! (Золотой Век!)

  • Since playing this game, I constantly see the dissatisfaction of the players that there is no fair game!

    Because winning a game is often bought with real money and gold!

    So I want to suggest a scenario that will solve this problem forever!

    Equally profitable for the company and the players!

    At the price of a "Plus Account" for the entire round, all players become golden!

    But gold is not gifted here!

    Every single gold must be won!

    What will you do if you have so much gold?

    Are you ready for a fair fight?

    I propose the creation of a permanent international server for fair play!

    I propose the creation of "Rail Nation - Golden Age"!

    There is fair play for everyone!

    Challenges and joy from another universe!

    In details


    Classic 4x (1 month) - International server

    Starting conditions for all players

    3 days "Plus Account"

    0 gold

    10 Lottery tickets


    10 prestige turns into 1 GOLD!

    Once a player gains prestige, he also gets gold.

    Gold is immediately received by the player!

    10 prestige = 1 gold

    200 prestige = 20 gold

    3000 prestige = 300 gold



    Without buying gold!

    Prestige does not turn to gold at the end of the round!

    All unused gold and "Plus Account" at the end of the round are lost!

    No start package

    No gold transfer

    Not a newbie - You must have earned at least 50,000 prestige on a server

    No Lucy

    Why 600 gold?

    This is a reasonable price!

    This is the price of a "Plus Account" for the entire round! (4 x 150 = 600!)

    This is beneficial for the company - ALL players pay their "Plus Account"!

    This is beneficial for players - gold can be paid by any server (every experienced player knows how to get them)!

    Fair play - Do you want fair play?

    All players play under the same conditions!

    Everyone here is a golden player!

    But gold is not gifted here!

    Every single gold must be won!

    Registration - Servers

    600 gold!

    Preliminary - similar to the festival. 600 gold can be paid from any RN server

    Team pre-registration - Yes! Each player must confirm their participation by paying 600 gold from any RN server

    Depending on the number of applicants, more than one server can be started!


    The standard awards for a classic server

    The pleasure of playing with a lot of gold!

    The pleasure of playing fair play!

    Are there any questions about this part?

  • Today I am alive and I can describe these ideas ...

    tomorrow no one knows ...

    Rail Nation - The Champions!

    This is the front door of the game!

    This is the lobby of the game!

    A scenario designed to give a successful start to newbies!

    Scenario created for meetings and contacts for all players.

    With its easy rules, short duration and free access - this is a playground, the training hall of the game!

    Classic, Europe (SoE), American Dream, OJ...

    This is the essence of the game!

    Rail Nation - Golden Age!

    100% fair play! International server for fair play!

    Fair competition at the price of a plus account!

    Here every player is golden!

    Who are the best teams and players in the world? If everyone plays fair!

    Rail Nation - We are the champions!

    Who is the best team in the world? Is it yours?

    Will you prove it in many rounds?

    You are all invited to the most exciting team adventure in the universe of Rail Nation!

    This is a very special scenario.

    The only team-oriented!

    With a global rank of teams and regions.

    Scenario with exceptional strategic challenges of Enigma!

    Scenarios for great leaders! Leaders who organize and lead entire regions to great victories!

    Battles that will go down in history ...

    This is the battlefield! This is the war! The biggest challenge in RN<3

    Everything else is just training ...

  • Rail Nation - Golden Rain!

    Once a year a golden rain falls from the RN sky!

    This is a special round.

    In which the rule is 1 prestige = 1 gold!

    This round is a special gift from HMR to all Rail Nation players!

    With love for you<3

    With best wishes,