New End Game Tonnage Calculation

  • Elsewhere here in the forum there was a lot of discussion about the final and as a result the first changes are now live on some servers,

    Therefore, I would like to give a brief overview of how the delivery quantities are calculated in the ES on the Fast-Forward servers and the newly starting HTML5 servers (according to the current status).

    I hope that not so many players are wondering what to expect. ^^

    In the future, the delivery quantity in the endgame will be calculated in two stages:

    Level 1 - basic (so far only level)

    The camp size of the city (end of epoch 6 / beginning of the endgame) is multiplied by the factor that is appropriate for the server.

    Standard & Express servers: warehouse size * 3

    Fast-Forward-Server: warehouse size * 2

    You can find an overview of all city levels and the corresponding warehouse sizes here.

    I had promised to provide a table with the bearing sizes in connection with the level. Here she is:


    The tens are in the row header and the ones in the column header. To determine the size of the warehouse for level 46, go to the line where the 40 is and look where it intersects the column with the number 6. There you will find 75,000 t.

    Level 2 - Number of active players (new)

    The delivery quantity is adjusted to the number of active players (online in the last 3 days) who have connected the metropolis. The factor for adjusting the number of players is:

    Standard & Express servers: (number of active players / 100) ^ 0.5

    Fast Forward Server: (number of active players / 100) ^ 0.7

    After each finished block of 12 goods, the delivery quantity is adjusted to the current number of players.

    Example table

    Some examples are shown in the table below. According to the old calculation, 225,000t would be at all places.

    City with Level 46

    Standard & Express

    Fast Forward

    10 players

    71.151t (-153.849t)


    50 players

    159.099t (-65.901t)


    100 players

    225,000t (+/- 0t)


    200 players

    318.198t (+ 93.198t)


    400 players

    450,000t (+ 225,000t)


    I hope that no mistakes have been made so far and I don't create too much confusion ^^

  • Thank you MadBaron for this extremely useful information. It was a bit confusing for me because I mistakenly used * instead of ˆ sign.

    For all you less geeky players out there I've created this spreadsheet that already calculated the new tonnage quota for increments of 25 active players, up to 300. I only did it for Standard since I don't fancy Fast Forward servers. I could do a dynamic formula for everybody to type in their active members number and receive the precise tonnage quota but I like to keep the excel file unedited :)

    Anyway here's the link:!arqyunxxuymxjwxz6_8rezm2qgos?e=x7bzhv


  • here's a dynamic spreadsheet for the new tonnage rules.

    feel free to make your own copy to share and use.

    EDIT: OK, seems the DEVs are playing with the formulas some, right now it appears Express servers are being calculated like Fast Forward servers were. Yet to see what is happening on Standard servers.

    As more information is known, this sheet will be updated.

    For Now: switch the "server type" in your copy to Fast Forward. Once i have confirmed the change to Express servers i will adjust the Sheet ... Standard servers we will need to wait and see what they do, unless info from a DEV can be made available.

  • Can you please check our calculations based on the current situation in a city

    Basic tonnage for level 33 is 46,000.

    Active players is 113, so 1.13^.5 is 1.06

    Express calculator is 3.

    3*1.06*46,000 = 146280

    The spreadsheet is saying 98,286.

    Which is correct, if either?

  • 🚆 Endgame tonnage (City warehouse size)

    The correct formula now is:



  • if standard/*2 are *0.7 what are the *4 servers

    There is no official information yet.

    Probably the same.

  • On standard servers now is the old formula that does not depend on the number of active players. Because they started before 20.4.2020.

    The formula of standard servers usually does not differ from the formula of 2x!

    Standard servers started after 20.4.2020 are also most likely to follow this new formula.

    Tones = (City level tones) * 2 * (active players / 100)^0.7

  • Sniffa .. what server are you seeing different numbers on? standard or Express?

    HMR has posted for 2 Express servers so far

    Tower Bridge - Express

    I wonder if the new tonnage has had an effect on the way people are pushing the cities. 11th place is at level 42 now with #1 at 43 and most of the EG cities still pushing for levels.

  • OSLO just started on Towerbridge they have to haul 242000 with city level 44 and 133 player connected

    That means the multiplier is 3

    and the factor is 0,5


    Level 44 = 70.000

    70.000*3 = 210.000

    133/100^0,5 =1.1532...

    1.1532*210.000 = 242000 (rounded)

  • yup, these are the numbers i have found as well, thank you. i am in the process of updating my sheet

  • NL02 Kolenkast (2x)

    COM203 Tower Bridge (2x)

    On the last two speed servers (2x)

    the formula is again x3 ^0.5


  • Here are the top 10 for tower bridge, with # players at end of EG

    OSL 44 143 0:00 251123
    ATH 44 125 0:30 234787
    RIG 44 130 1:00 239437
    IST 44 151 1:30 258052
    SAR 43 167 2:30 261688
    MOS 43 120 3:00 221828
    LYON 43 243 3:30 315666
    MIL 43 192 4:00 280592
    MAN 43 122 4:30 223669
    GDA 43 120 5:00 221828