New End Game Tonnage Calculation

  • I couldn't see the tonnage, I was just wondering if the new formula was the reason behind the cities being taken to higher levels than normal. It is unusual on TB for the #1 city to be above 40 with #10 generally in the mid 30s.

    For me and my city yes.. there were some speculations about the impact of new rules..

    Under old tonnage level 44 gives 210000. We/ I expected under the new rule expected that to go to 140.000t and then the playernumber multiplier. that would have given my city with approx 130 connected and QTY to haul of about 170.000t. But the real number was 242.000 because the base tonnage was still 210.000. So that was bit of a setback at the beginning of EG.. 72.000t extra then expected had a big impact on how many goods we can complete in an hours.

    I cannot speak for other cities it can also be due to normal competition and chainreactions.. if one city pushes on the other cities want to follow to not start very late.

    now that the formula has been validated. For me I would probably be more inclined to hold back more to keep tonnage low enough for a faster EG..

  • No, it is not "*0,5", it's "^0,5".

    46000*3*((26/100)^0,5)= 138000*(0,26^0,5)=138000*0,51=70380t, rounded 70.000t.

    Ich bin verantwortlich dafür, was ich sage, nicht dafür, was du verstehst! :rolleyes:

  • It is correct?


    If it started after 20.4.2020 - 46000*3*((26/100)^0.5)=70366

    If it started before 20.4.2020 - 46000*3=138000