Videos : Vienna Ad YouTube ads don't offer completion

  • Vienna ads are back as of about 15 minutes ago.
    It's the same ID 17149, so somebody did something goofy in the database.

    Here the clue you are about to get one:

    Close and restart is showing an average of these ads at 25:1 Not only are these ads awful, broken and long, but are 25 times more likely to appear.

    EDIT: This is not as bad as I thought. The devs worked the YouTube over pretty well, it doesn't auto close at 30 seconds, but they did enable a [Skip AD] after 30 seconds that allows completion, so Kudos!

  • This is so stupid...take them away for a day then put the things back in. Nice work Rail Nation!

    FWIW, I don't have a skip button pop up, so no video's again.

    Why couldn't they just leave well enough alone once they got them out?????????????

    Apparently someone there really wants me to go to Vienna, since those are the ONLY ads that play.

  • The skip button won't come up until about 32 seconds in (after you press play). It will display on the lower right corner of the video. Until you run one of these ads it apparently has a serious bias towards it, after you run it, you are unlikely to see it nearly as often.