🔀 Sidetracked Bugs

  • Hello everyone,

    This thread is for sidetracked bugs.

    Sometimes players report bugs in threads where an ongoing discussion can get interrupted. These sidetracked bugs now have a new home, and will be moved to this thread.

    Please remember the forum crew cannot solve technical bugs or account related issues. Game support is for that purpose.

  • The missing 'jump to bottom' button on all of the industry ranking screens is still missing, and the 'jump to top' button is still there, which makes no sense as the rankings all open at the top already and it is impossible to scroll down to the bottom if you have 500 industries and are only allowed to page down 5 at a time (equals more than 100 button presses if the ranking screen does not freeze before you get there).

    Simply put, the 'jump to top' button should have been a 'jump to bottom' button.

    Especially on the industry investment tab ranking but it is a problem on all of the rankings tabs.

    It shouldn't take that long to fix this either, just change the effect of the already existent but useless 'jump to top' button.

    You can probably get it done before I reach the bottom of my next 0 investment industry search :P

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