🗺️ Help wanted to plan a railroad trip! Reward incl.

  • St.Petersburg - Helsinki - Stockholm - Oslo - London - Hamburg - Gdansk - Warsaw -Berlin - Cologne - Paris - Bordeaux - Zurich - Munich - Prague - Budapest - Athens - Sofia - Rome - Milan - Marsielle - Barcelona. John Clark, clarklaw11@gmail.com. city: Bocott, Crankshaft, CL Ltd.

  • Order of landmarks:

    1. Helsinki

    2. Stockholm

    3. Oslo

    4. London

    5. Amsterdam

    6. Hamburg

    7. Gdansk

    8. Warsaw

    9. Berlin

    10. Cologne

    11. Paris

    12. Bordeaux

    13. Marseille

    14. Milan

    15. Zurich

    16. Munich

    17. Prague

    18. Budapest

    19. Athens

    20. Sofia

    21. Viena

    22. Milan

    23. Rome

    24. Barcelona

    Game world: COM02 Firebox

  • Hi,

    This is BubbaBehindYou from game world USA Grand Central. For this challenge, I’m assuming that you can travel back through St. Petersburg as it isn’t counted as one of the 22 landmarks. So to start:

    1. Helsinki

    2. Gdańsk - via traveling back through St. Petersburg

    3. Warsaw

    4. Prague

    5. Budapest

    6. Athens

    7. Sofia

    8. Vienna

    9. Munich

    10. Berlin

    11. Hamburg

    12. Amsterdam

    13. Stockholm

    14. Oslo

    15. London

    16. Paris

    17. Cologne

    18. Zurich

    19. Bordeaux

    20. Marseille

    21. Milan

    22. Rome

  • Sint-Petersburg-Helsinki-Stockholm-Oslo-London-Amsterdam-Hamburg-Gdansk-Warsaw-Berlin-Cologne-Paris-Bordeaux-Zurich-Munich-Prague-Budapest-Athens-Sofia-Vienna-Milan-Rome-Barcelona-Marseille-Barcelona


    St. Petersburg-Helsinki-Stockholm-Oslo-London-Paris-Bordeaux-Zurich-Cologne-Amsterdam-Hamburg-Gdansk-Warsaw-Berlin-Munich-Prague-Budapest-Athens-Sofia-Vienna-Milan-Marseille-Barcelona-Rome-Barcelona



    Game World: NL01 Stoomketel

    With kind regards,


  • Helsinki Stockholm Oslo London Amsterdam Hamburg Gdansk Warsaw Prague Budapest Athens Sofia Vienna Munich Berlin Zurich Cologne Paris Bordeaux Marseille Milan Rome Barcelona

    Firebox Ellevarg

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  • Alexander's travel plan:

    Departure at St. Petersburg trainstation

    1. Helsinki Cathedral - Helsinki

    (passing through St. Petersburg at full speed)

    2. Crane Gate - Gdansk

    3. St. Michael's Church - Hamburg

    4. National Monument - Amsterdam

    5. Ericsson Globe - Stockholm

    6. Holmenkollen - Oslo

    7. Big Ben - London

    8. Eiffel Tower - Paris

    9. Cologne Cathedral - Cologne

    10. Brandenburg Gate - Berlin

    11. Palace of Culture - Warsaw

    12. Prague Castle - Prague

    13. Parliament Building - Budapest

    14. Acropolis - Athens

    15. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral - Sofia

    16. Colosseum - Rome

    17. Milan Cathedral - Milan

    18. Giant Wheel - Vienna

    19. Munich Frauenkirche - Munich

    20. Grossmünster - Zurich

    21. Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux - Bordeaux

    22. Notre-Dame de la Garde - Marseille

    Arrival at Barcelona trainstation

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  • Thank you to all who participated in this tricky puzzle.

    How to visit all 22 landmarks before arriving in Barcelona, if you can visit each of the landmarks only once? The solution is, you can return to the starting and ending locations of Barcelona and St Petersburg - just not to any of the landmarks.

    Some of you figured it out, nicely done!

    From the start, you could visit Helsinki once, return to St Petersburg and then continue from Gdansk forward. You could also start with Gdansk instead of Helsinki. You can do the same when you reach Barcelona, visit Marseille for example before returning back to Barcelona.

    Here are our 7 winners of 7 days of Plus account and 7 lottery tickets:

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  • Hello Samisu,

    Please upload a photo with the correct solution for the contest Help wanted to plan a railroad trip! Reward incl.

    Because I can not imagine how you can visit all landmarks so that all will be achieved only once.
    I tried several times, and I did not. And there was no Romanian version for this contest. Maybe I
    better understood the competition criteria, if there Romanian version too...

    Thank you in advance.

    Have a nice day!

    Lacidd23 :):saint:

  • Hi, you can find correct answers from the winners of the competition.

    For example here is one, and another one.