It has been a day and I still can't get onto the game

  • Hi folks,

    For some reason I can't get on Big Ben. I have tried to phone, laptop, notinging is working. The game loads, I select the scenario (Big Ben) and it wont load. Now I will worried that I am going to miss out on my daily reward, prestige points, and my trains are going to be not working because of poor maintenance. Plus, I am looking cash (bank at the limit, missing on competitions that reward 24+ gold.

    Come on folks, Fix this problem.


  • Hi Moe Best - sorry to hear you can't join the server.

    I'm not experiencing any issues joining the server and people are playing there as usual, meaning it is best you contact our game support for help: Support : Rail Nation

    If you tried another browser and cleared your Rail Nation cache/cookies (and if it didn't help), please mention that as well in your message when contacting support, thank you.

  • Hi Samisu,

    I am able to now get on vie IPhone.

    But the computer is still an issue. I have tried difference browers, cleared cookies, etc. I can get to the Game Worlds page but not into the game.

    It is more of a hit or miss. You cross your fingers... is it going to work this time? I was able to get in yesterday from the computer but today is a fail.