Batch commands virtually unusable

  • I'm playing the browser version.

    Since the last two updates the batch commands to park engines or load a saved list doesn't work well.

    #1 The command hangs for 1-2 minutes.

    #2 It may or may not complete. Often I have to reload

    #3 If it completes it may not be 100% successful. Only some of the trains are parked or rerouted.

  • I will continue to beat this drum.

    The multi-engine re-route is obviously implemented client-side. In the very rare case that it works exactly as desired and "quickly" there is a multi-second difference between the first and last train in the sequence.

    My internet is delivered via satellite, which has a very noticeable latency. So I can deduce the implementation method.

    This could be fixed by implementing the re-route on the server side. That is, a single complex command from the client to the server to unpack and execute.

    I just re-routed 19 trains with the schedule reload. Took two tries and almost 3 minutes to affect them all. Now my trains are scattered as they ply their route. Really annoying.

  • I see the same problem. Changing all trains to a new route almost never works.

    I have to re-login to make it work. It takes several minutes to change all trains - although it should just take a few seconds!

    Please, please fix this problem. Just give the developers slower machines to test and let them play their own game!!!

    Then these problems should be fixed quite soon.

  • Only 2 weeks left in this round of American Dream. This "bug" has sucked all the enjoyment out of competitions.

    Trains don't respond reliably to commands. And multi-engine re-routes can fail after a two minute delay - either by ignoring up to 1/2 the engines, or by hanging and requiring a reload.

    Surely someone in development has noticed the incredible number of reloads that players are performing to get through an hour of play?

  • I will happily bump this up, since these performance issues bother me a lot. We are day 3 in 6th era and I can´t imagine the endgame in this state. It wont be a competition vs other players/cities, but a pure struggle to remain sane.

  • I am on steam chamber and we are in era 1 with only 7 trains.

    This is a big issue. Happens at least 2-3 times a day when I switch my pax trains to new routes or try to park them to get ready for sending after a calc.

    This is an advertised premium member feature.

    This problem used to not show til later eras when we have 15+ trains. Now its much more frequent and is past time to be fixed as its already messing up my comps and my runs.

    There is errors when you get a bidder. The bonus discounts don't show. So if you upgrade. Building no bonus. You have to log out and log back in.

    I released a pax license 1 hour early. Insta purchased another and it showed an 12 hour timer til expiration. Closed came back and it showed the 48 hours.

    Many of these things are annoying and if I were to roll out a program and it messed up this much, I'd be written up and if I didn't fix them asap. Fired.

    You make money on the game so make sure it works as advertised or your gonna start losing players = money.

  • If any developer is interested I can report that my theory is correct.

    Now that I'm in era 6 and converted to Olympus my train count is now low, 13 with all the bonus engines. Batch re-routes, including parking, are now quite reliable - nearly 100% of the time.

  • The app *may* lock up when you do a batch reschedule. It also *may* lock up wen you place a bid, post a message or upgrade a station building. Presently, the safest thing to do is to close and restart the app to ensure you can complete your next planned action.