Batch commands virtually unusable

  • I'm playing the browser version.

    Since the last two updates the batch commands to park engines or load a saved list doesn't work well.

    #1 The command hangs for 1-2 minutes.

    #2 It may or may not complete. Often I have to reload

    #3 If it completes it may not be 100% successful. Only some of the trains are parked or rerouted.

  • I will continue to beat this drum.

    The multi-engine re-route is obviously implemented client-side. In the very rare case that it works exactly as desired and "quickly" there is a multi-second difference between the first and last train in the sequence.

    My internet is delivered via satellite, which has a very noticeable latency. So I can deduce the implementation method.

    This could be fixed by implementing the re-route on the server side. That is, a single complex command from the client to the server to unpack and execute.

    I just re-routed 19 trains with the schedule reload. Took two tries and almost 3 minutes to affect them all. Now my trains are scattered as they ply their route. Really annoying.


    I just lost three competitions because my trains wouldn't accept the batch re-routes. This implementation is pathetic.

  • I see the same problem. Changing all trains to a new route almost never works.

    I have to re-login to make it work. It takes several minutes to change all trains - although it should just take a few seconds!

    Please, please fix this problem. Just give the developers slower machines to test and let them play their own game!!!

    Then these problems should be fixed quite soon.

  • Only 2 weeks left in this round of American Dream. This "bug" has sucked all the enjoyment out of competitions.

    Trains don't respond reliably to commands. And multi-engine re-routes can fail after a two minute delay - either by ignoring up to 1/2 the engines, or by hanging and requiring a reload.

    Surely someone in development has noticed the incredible number of reloads that players are performing to get through an hour of play?

  • I will happily bump this up, since these performance issues bother me a lot. We are day 3 in 6th era and I can´t imagine the endgame in this state. It wont be a competition vs other players/cities, but a pure struggle to remain sane.