Game on Eiffel Tower is permanently frozen on iPhone, but able to play on Big Ben

  • Le me know if this makes any sense or has happened to anyone.

    I have been playing for 2 weeks two SoE games: one on Tour Eiffel and the other on Big Ben. Before that, I finished a game of Classic on Crankshaft. I have been playing on, and switching between, iPhone, iPad and desktop successfully until this morning.

    As of this morning (Pacific time zone), the Tour Eiffel game loads on the iPhone, shows me moving trains, available trainspotters, badge indicators, etc. I am able to zoom in and out. I am unable to do anything else. ANYTHING. I cannot move the map, collect a trainspotter, open my trains, open my station, chat, messages, open a city, monument -- nothing. I am also unable to log out. In other words, I cannot interact with the app in ANY way with one exception: pinching the map in and out to zoom.

    At the same time, as soon as I force quit the app and restart and select my Big Ben game on the same iPhone, it works as expected.

    On the iPad, I see the same behavior as on the iPhone: Big Ben works, Tour Eiffel does not.

    On the desktop (MacBook with Chrome), Tour Eiffel works.

    What I have tried: updated Rail Nation on iPhone, reinstalled it. No effect.

  • We have now activated special logs. Could you please log in again on Tour Eiffel with your iPhone?

    Thank you, as of this morning the issue on Tour Eiffel is gone.

    Either because of your special logs or for another reason I am seeing numerous PHP error pop ups on Big Ben. The first series of three or four pop ups is when I log in. Then they occur intermittently as I take actions. When I dismiss them, the game runs normally.

  • There are no PHP error popups on Big Ben currently. As far as I know, the issue is resolved for me. I may never find out what it was, but I know that if it happens again, I will post here sooner.