End the Newbie Cheats Exploit

  • The Newbie slot is a really great idea, but, it is an invitation to cheating.

    I would never do this, and nor would most players, but, it is being done regularly by too many players. Simply create a second character for yourself, put the character as a newbie in your city and recruit that character into the Newbie Slot. You have an extra experienced player on your team absolutely free.

    This has to be stopped.

    I suggest that RN could stop this very easily while ensuring that real Newbies are welcomed into active cities and co-operative associations.

    When a new player signs in they should:-

    • Be given the same amount of "welcome gold" as they would get if they accepted being placed into the recommended city.
    • Be automatically placed into the Newbie slot of co-operating associations with an experienced chair.
    • Be restricted from moving to another association for a significant period of time.
    • Be able to apply to support for reassignment of association during that period if they have a good reason to move.

    Associations would:-

    • Have to register (like the mentor system) their interest in taking a Newbie. (Or, possibly two or three newbies.)
    • Not get a newbie slot unless they are registered and approved.
    • Not be allowed to register unless they have an experienced chairperson and a minimum number of players (5 or 6?).
    • NOT be able to choose their newbie(s).
    • NOT be able to dismiss their assigned Newbie unless they go Blackspot or have been with the association for at least 2 eras.

    Let us welcome newbies properly in this way rather than simply dumping them into nearly empty cities and then letting them either flounder or flee. It cannot be that difficult to achieve, surely?

    I can see that there is still a path for determined cheats to get their character into their team, but it would be hard work to do it.

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  • I see a player having Newbie status for days now... Is that a cheat?

    I don't know what you mean by newbie status, the 48/96 hours when you start a new game or the beginner slot.

    Basicly the newbie status with reduced wait times is 2 days and 4 days when you bought the super starter package.

    Players who enter an asso at the beginner slot can stay there forever.


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  • The conversation was about the Newbie slot and it being used to take an experienced player's clone. The slot can be occupied for ever by that player as long as he/she pre-registers with the same association. Which, of course they do. It therefore provides a free extra place in an association 26/25 players and everyone of them experienced.

    In this world there is nothing softer or thinner than Water.

    But to compel the Hard and Unyielding it has no equal.