Loading schedule set

  • It's the seconde time that when i wanto to load a saved schedule set there is no saved schedule at all.
    If I try to save another set I can see the old one, but if I try to load it, it doesen't show to choose.

    Any answers?

  • Hi NiSiuba,

    yes, this issue occurs if you have more than four saved schedules. The bug is registered in our system.

    Kind regards

    Always the same stock answer to most thing.

    Despite many times of asking and being totally ignored players still have no idea what is happening about this "Massive" update supposedly coming soon.

    This was stated as hopefully within 3-5 weeks 8 weeks ago.

    There is an update happening right now, but NOTHING posted about what it is, what might be different and improved, so we are all just waiting to see how little has changed and what else has been broken..
    As you never tell the players anything we just have to wait and see how bad it is after another non update