Can't play the game.

  • Whenever i log in i get a popup with german text which wants me to input something.


    Bitte bestätige deine E-Mail-Adresse!

    Wir haben den Aktivierungscode an folgende Adresse geschickt: [my e-mail]

    Falsche E-Mail-Adresse? Hier ändern.


    Hast du keinen Code erhalten? Frage erneut einen an


    I don't know if it want me to input an e-mail adress or what. but it won't accept whatever i input and whenever i try to close it, it just pops back up again.

  • Hm, that message should not be in German.
    It want's you to confirm your email address by putting in a code the game sent to your email address.

    I will investigate why the text is in German.

  • Translation of the Tex below.

    They want you to confirm you Email.