Recent endgame changes

  • 20 prestige is needed to be counted as active player

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  • So yesterday the endgame on my server finished. Here are some stats:

    1. Salt Lake City - lvl 43 - started 2. - 48 goods - 217 players - 60 to 80 actively hauling

    2. Washington - lvl 43 - started 4. - 47 goods - 175 players - 50 to 60 actively hauling

    3. El Paso - lvl 43 - started 1. - 45 goods - 135 players - 40 to 50 actively hauling

    4. Walla Walla - lvl 42 - started 7. - 38 goods - 160 players - 35 to 40 actively hauling

    Total time about 31 hours, no city played nonstop. The first spot changed several times, I played for El Paso and we had a lead at least two times (on the start obviously and once we opened 3rd set of goods). I must say the endgame was pretty nice and I would think the recent changes had a positive effect - otherwise SLC would have steamrolled us.

    I would however welcome some restriction towards counting as active player as I mentioned before - at least 20k prestige and maybe at least 7 or 14 days play time on the server. There is a big potencial for abuse.

  • Sorry for my off-topic here but I think it CAN be relevant, to some extent. I played in Memphis and we lost to Salt Lake for JUST 5 minutes, yeah, that close. Anyway that's not the point, the thing is we were over 300 players that counted towards consumption and therefore tonnage quota, BUT that was fine! We didn't lost because our tonnage quota was too high, we lost because we had over 5-10 saboteurs who were constantly ruining the wait times.

    While the system needs further tweaking, like you said, maybe add some other factors when considering a player part of a city, I didn't felt like the difference between Memphis who had around 330 players and Salt Lake who had around 280 players was that big, and certainly not insurmoantable.

    At the end of the day all it matters is we play as a team.

  • It would be nice to put restrictions for the final game.

    I think that it should count as an active player, the one who has at least played since the beginning of era 5.

    That he has built roads to industries.

    Have a level of prestige for continued climb, for having built the station buildings in a percentage within the 2 eras until the final game.

    Be connected to least 3 peripheral cities.

    That would give strength to those who have really played all the time.

  • good evening. And I think that the size of the city's warehouse should be done as it was. From the level of the city and not from the population .. If the players are playing and want a quick final. Then they are going to one city .. and who slept the whole game apaya their city. And he didn't want to join. then let them finalize. how many will have time to deliver. Now the ending is just not comfortable. not athletic. Since your city is specially connected. the same competitors. And they are already winning. since their warehouse will be less than ours. at the expense of people. although the people will be the same that they have with us. My opinion is for people to return to the game. short finals are needed. as all living people. and not everyone can sit at the computer for days. I've been in the game for a long time. And every year everyone spoils and spoils it. with finals. I think developers should listen to active players. and not to those who come in to fix it once a day. and then there are few of us shouting. and there is a crowd in that city. and we cannot finish. they will hardly hear me. but suddenly. all a good game.

  • "A player is considered active if they have been online within the last 3 days and has more than 20 prestige points"

    which is still, by far in terms of endgame, the biggest nonsense i've heared the past few weeks. it's nice that the "free buildings" don't count towards total prestige, but how much prestige can i get without ever driving a train route and without spending an ingame dollar?

    answer: 81. without a single track/train/anything.

    lets check how many cities i can connect with the 25 track vouchers (on purpose without connecting the EG city...)

    i ended up connecting 4 cities and i'm (in theory) also 1 track off the mega city.

    now i have more medals:

    cashing them in:

    and i'm at 146pp already, not to mention i simply could connect for 2m (and 2 gold) to the mega city, which would give me the 5th city connection.

    simulating this (by connecting to the rank 49 city SE of this megacity) and doing all quests i can do within 5minutes....

    as you can see in the last picture, starting on the server, doing all the planning, doing the screenshots, writing this post up to this point did cost me about 23minutes total for 524pp. refresh site, another 50pp from 6 medals and with the excess money, i could get another 75pp while i'm offline (so 649 total).

    if i did a bit min-maxing, i could even get the 11m for the lab which gives me 400pp on finish.

    (edit start: not to mention the automatic pp i'd get from simply leaving my trains afk on any city RG: edit end)


    so where on earth is 20pp "realistic" to call someone "active and willing to drive the endgame" for the endgame calculation?

  • Magnificent argument! You really built your case well!

    Theory 1: they never thought of this in Germany.. so this post of yours will be a real eyeopener and they will finally change this ridiculous definition of an "active" player

    Theory 2: Back in Germany, they developed the game themselves.. so obviously they know how this works but for some reason they believe its important to keep a backdoor open to cheaters that want to wreck EG's or score easy points by just logging in..

    Which of those sound more likely?

    But honestly, I like your post and I'm fully in agreement with it!

  • Lesson number 3, never argue with Amaiyah because she is probably right anyway and if she isn't right she will out talk you into submission ;)