leveling of future mega cities during the endgame

  • I was wondering what happens if megacities level during the endgame.

    e.g. Megacity 1 has started their endgame and the city X at #10 and city Y at #11 have the same level and waiting to start their EG. The city Y at #11 levels before the city at #10, normally city Y will change place with city X.

    Is this also valid as the first city has started their endgame?

    The same question now with cities e.g. at #5 and 6. Do they change # and are the tonnes adjusted too?


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  • The cityranking after 6 eras will determine which cities will play EG plus their starting times.

    For this it doesn't matter if cities levelup while waiting for their EG-start or even switch places with other cities.

    However - I don't know for sure - a levelup can perhaps give the city some extra tons to deliver.

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  • Hmmm, surprised that no one from RN has replied on this one by now - or am I???

    I'll take a stab at an answer, pretty sure I do know this one.

    Hilti2 and «DSnepke™» are correct, if a city levels after the End Game, it will not affect the position they enter the End Game, that is set in stone once the first megacity starts their End Game.

    However, as the new End Game tonnages are calculated at the start of each set of 12 goods, I rather suspect that the extra city level will mean more tonnes needed to get goods green, according to the "new" (and yet to be formally announced by RN staff) formula of:


    according to this, as the city level has gone up, you'll need to haul more.