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  • It is a support channel for questions about gameplay. It is not a support channel for things that involve sensitive or private data, which most definitely includes payment support.

  • i still cant transfer my gold. Where is it and how can i transfer it?

    If your game round ended, your Gold will await for you when the same server restarts. Servers usually restart within a week or two the latest.

    To transfer Gold to another game world, you need to visit 'options' in the game world where you have the Gold. There you can choose between 'Transfer Gold' or 'Collect Gold'.

    Transfer Gold will remove your avatar from that game server and within a few days, you can use the Collect Gold option on another server to pick up that Gold.
    Please note that only purchased Gold can be transferred.

  • Samisu is right ... that's the way to transfer gold from one server to another one of the same domain.

    But some hints should be added:

    - Normally, as Cpl Dave asked in post #23, gold of a previous game round is back, when you register for a new round on the very same server.

    - If you decide to transfer gold from one server to another, DO NOT log in on that server again after that transfer. It will last 3 days to be available on another server ... unless you log in again ... which means: transver is cancelled.

    - If you decide to transfer gold, be sure to have some transferable gold, which means: purchased gold. If there is only won gold, nothing will be transferred. Only purchased gold can be transferred (together with plus days). So if you got won gold only, nothing will be transferred, if you have purchased gold, that part will be transferred ... good idea is to change the won gold into plus days before you transfer.

    - If you played a Fast Forward server, that gold will be available within some days (1-2 weeks) on any server of the same domain. No action necessary ... unless they decided to start another FF server next week (probably they will not, masters is coming up ... or running already)

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  • I have a problem with one purchase. I pay but gold isn't in my account.

    Alredy close and open my game several times.

    Alredy open a ticket in support but no answer.
    PT server, i dont know if you can help here.

  • hello please problm buy gold pack.

    you have to send a ticket to support, you need to give valuable information which isn't suitable for this forum.

    You can enter the support system by using the "headphone with ? mark" at the right upper corner if you play the browser version.

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