Removal of my Association’s description

  • I want an explanation of why my team description was removed as “inappropriate’ on era1/day7 of the server.

    I do not want an answer from a player who acts as moderator/support from a rival Association on my server as I consider this a serious conflict of interest, I need a response from who’s in charge.

    I would like clear transparency here.

    ‘I used this description almost word-for-word on Cranshaft 6-8 rounds in a row, no issues ever.

    I am not posting the description now for general comment, I am posting here to remove this conflict of interest when it comes to decisions on this server.

  • Hi there,

    the forum is not the right way to discuss team decisions.

    Please contact our customer support departement. There we can discuss this matter more in detail.

    Thank you for your understanding.


  • I’ve sent a ticket and written to Samisu——

    you guys took away my tag line using the generic ‘’inappropriate’’

    well what was inappropriate? How? When?

    I used that same tag line for 7 rounds on the Crankshaft server, I think it’s inappropriate how I’ve been treated . . . . The tickets are written. I want answers. Frankly I think you’re a bunch of cowards.

  • I’ve sent a ticket and written to Samisu——

    Hello again,

    Sami is not available atm, so I warmly invite you to contact our customer support for this.

    Here in the forum I can not help you.

    Sorry for the inconvenience, but I am sure support will be able to give you more information.