Removal of my Association’s description

  • I want an explanation of why my team description was removed as “inappropriate’ on era1/day7 of the server.

    I do not want an answer from a player who acts as moderator/support from a rival Association on my server as I consider this a serious conflict of interest, I need a response from who’s in charge.

    I would like clear transparency here.

    ‘I used this description almost word-for-word on Cranshaft 6-8 rounds in a row, no issues ever.

    I am not posting the description now for general comment, I am posting here to remove this conflict of interest when it comes to decisions on this server.

  • I’ve sent a ticket and written to Samisu——

    you guys took away my tag line using the generic ‘’inappropriate’’

    well what was inappropriate? How? When?

    I used that same tag line for 7 rounds on the Crankshaft server, I think it’s inappropriate how I’ve been treated . . . . The tickets are written. I want answers. Frankly I think you’re a bunch of cowards.