Video Advert Volume - where's the volume control??

  • Just had my ears blown off by the Fitbit 4 advert - which I will definitely now NOT be considering purchasing....

    Have noticed that a lot of the more recent adverts don't seem to have an in-game mute/volume slider

    Is it possible to provide a consistent volume?

    Can we please add a volume control to every advert? For those of us who want to hear what's being said you sometimes have to increase the volume on your speakers/headphones for one advert only to have the windows shattered by the following advert - and that Fitbit 4 advert should be banned for dangerous noise pollution... just saying :cursing:

    Thank you in anticipation

  • You play a world at 4 times the speed, then there is a video with a length of 1 minute, a real treat for the stress, you can finally relax if you have the intention. after 20 times I ask myself whether your AL does it on purpose, such a long video at high speed.

    you only have straw in your head.

  • at some point you make the pitcher overflow, with such actions, the game has been running for too long.

    from my side I can wish you a nice summer. a little break we will surely do me good instead of annoying you here

  • And, for goodness sake check your ads, before accepting them, for photo sensitive content. Just a couple of seconds of a recent advert for Amazon made me very ill and I dare not watch any adverts now for fear of another incident. Fast flashing coloured content can and most definitely does cause serious medical issues for photo-sensitive people. At least TV warns viewers before showing programs with flashing content and I and others like me can switch off in time.

  • the minute long advert for the game "Red Dead online" are really annoying.

    There is also a 18+ age warning mentioned at the beginning. Rail Nation is a game for all ages. There are not many but there are players younger than 18. Make sure the content of the ads is also appropiate for all ages.

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