🏭 Industry Inspector

  • You are an industry inspector with a burning passion for inspecting ...stuff. What a fun day ahead!

    You have been tasked to inspect not just all the industries (A-L) but also all the 17 railroad tracks connecting them!

    What is the shortest route?

    • Your goal is to plan a route that takes you over all the 17 railroad tracks with as little travelling as possible.
    • You can start and stop at any industry (A-L), and go over the tracks multiple times.
    • The distance between each industry is 10 kilometres.

    In your answer, please write

    • your route by listing the industries (A-L), or draw the route
    • how many kilometres long is the shortest route you could plan
    • the name of your game world where you wish to receive your prize

    The prize is 10 lottery tickets to 10 players with the shortest route.

    Only answers with a game world mentioned can win.

    You can take part in this puzzle contest only once and on one domain.

    All answers will be hidden until the event is over on Sunday 9th of August, 23:59 UTC+2

    Good luck, inspector!

  • Route: a, b, c, f, e, h, i, l, k, j, c, d, a

    Length: 120 km

    Reason: you've starting industry, 11 industries, finishing industry = starting industry, thus 12 routes to do. A route is minimal 10 km, thus 120 km in total.

    Game Loch Ness

  • Helloooooooo!!!

    Here's my response to the shortest route quiz. I can't find any routes less than 110 km so that must mean that there is one. Oh well, here's my submittal:

    A - D - E - B - C - F - I - H - G - J - K - L 110 km KentB US103 Broadway.

    Thank you!!!! :)

  • Hello, I'm Galbenpal, I play on COMM26 Fast Track (4x)

    I have two options for you - Both have same size - 210 kilometers.

    First option is: A,B, C, F, E, D, G, H, I, L, K, J, G, D, A, B, E, H, K, L, I, F,

    Second option is: A, D, G, J, K, H, E, B, C, F, I, L, K, J, G, H, I, F, E, D, A, B

    Even we found 22 letters on each way, you must discounted starting point, in every case is "A" - where distance is 0...

  • B-C-F-I-L-K-J-G-D-A-B-E-D-E-F-E-H-G-H-I-H-K or similar.

    That's 21 tracks or 210 km of travel.

    This is the shortest possible, because there is total of 17 tracks and 6 stations with odd number of tracks. From one of these one starts, in another one ends, which leaves 4 stations you have to use one track twice.

    Edit: I'd like to get the prize on Smoke Chamber.