Verizon Advertisements

  • Today I weathered thru 17.5 hours of 100% Verizon Fios advertisements. I think that is just a little bit tooo much.... Ok, a lot to much. What do you think?

    Hi, could you help me out with a bit more details:

    Was this Verizon video the only video you saw and how long did one video last before you got the bonus?

    How many Verizon videos did you watch during that 17.5 hours? (an estimate)

    What is the video ID (5-number series in top corner)?

  • There are 2 versions... A 15 second and a 30 second. I viewed about 350 Verizon videos during that period.. From 12:00 midnight to 5:30 PM my time which is eastern time. My general issue is that there was no assortment of videos.

  • I have been watching the same Railnation / Travian games video's for years there only 3 or 4 my country does not have regional adds (to small marktet to be interesting)

    I have seen each video at least 5.000 times (not exaturated) over the years.

    only occacionally I get some other video's for large companies..

    On mobile I only get the countdown timer, never seen an add there

    but not complaining..

    Or national Health organisation recommends to look away (20 second microbreak) from your screen every 20 minutes. So those video's are the perfect moment for a microbreak :)