New Cookie consent form

  • Dear players, our new cookie consent pop-up may show in German language for some of you when you log in, as shown in the image above. If this happened to you, here is a screenshot of the English language version:

    Clicking on the black box will lead to the use of necessary cookies only. This will allow the basic game functions to run. You may see the cookie consent form a few more times after this (in game world and in the lobby for example). To be able to use the ad video system, 'Necessary' cookies needs to be accepted.

    If you check the 'preferences' box (Präferenzen), this pop-up will not show again until you have cleared your cookies from Rail Nation sites (or after one year).

    After checking 'preferences', click on 'Allow selection' (Auswahl erlauben).

    The third option will allow all cookies, and from 'show details' you will see what it all includes.

    Edit: The cookie consent form was just switched to English by default

  • I think it should be put in ALL languages in the game.

    The form picks the language from your browser. In some rare cases the form picks a default language, which is now English - and this can be due to cache/cookies or something else running in the background.

    In any case, the form has been translated to different languages.

  • I have no problem with clicking on these once but I have had it pop up again a few times on a computer that I have already completed it on - I hope that it will not keep coming back because of the choice of necessary cookies only being an "unwanted" option

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  • I want to know how to find it. I do not want to submit to anything but necessary cookies.

    If you delete your cookies from Rail Nation you need to consent again the use of the cookies with entering the game. In post #1 you see the consent forms where you can choose which cookies you allow or not.


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