Passenger trains on rails and in museum

  • Hi all,

    In our corporation we found ourselves in a little discussion as to when you can have the maximum amount of paxtrains on the rails.

    This used to be with the depot on lvl 25 en the station concourse on lvl 22, but with recent changes in RN the amount of paxtrains you can OWN has become much larger. But to my recollection this is purely about the number of paxtrains in the museum and the maximum amount of paxtrains on the RAILS is still defined by the depot.

    But someone claimed that he had been using 25 paxtrains on rails with depot on 25 and concourse on lvl 14 (you can own 25 paxtrains). In the previous rounds I tried this it has never been possible but that was already a few rounds ago.

    So is there anyone who can give us a finite answer on this topic?


  • If your concourse says you can own a certain number of Pax trains, you can run up to that amount on the rails, limited only by the level of Engine House.
    Certainly not like what seems ages ago, but really aint that long.